Rogers tests 8 Gbps symmetrical fibre broadband in Canada


As leaders in network technology, Rogers has successfully completed tests in both lab and customer trials of download and upload speeds of up to 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) on its fibre-powered network, more than doubling the fastest published Internet speeds of any major provider in Canada.

Building on its commitment to provide leading next-generation products and services to its customers, the potential of 8 Gbps speeds will elevate and future-proof home broadband with more bandwidth, making it even easier to stream, work, surf, and game online on even more devices simultaneously.

Rogers Communications Logo

“Fibre-powered networks are the foundation of building world-class connectivity solutions for our customers, and it is critical that the network technology delivers on the reliability and speed our customers need,” said Robert Dépatie, President and Chief Operating Officer, Home and Business, Rogers Communications. “With download and upload speeds of up to 8 Gigabits per second and an advanced fibre technology, customers will be able to explore streaming TV, online game play, videoconferencing, immersive virtual reality and more, like never before.”

Rogers new Ignite Internet, offering download and upload speeds of 8 Gbps, will be available in Summer 2022 for customers in select areas across Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Rogers Ignite InternetTM is Canada’s fastest and best performing home internet, as ranked by umlaut, a global leader in network benchmarking*.

Rogers is committed to closing the digital divide between rural and urban areas by making the necessary investments. As technology advances and Rogers completes milestones on its path towards 10 Gbps, it continues to offer next-generation products and services to its customers, including bringing its fibre-powered network to more neighbourhoods and underserved communities. Most recently, Rogers has been investing close to $200 million to roll out fibre Internet service to home and businesses in New Brunswick. With Rogers fibre network, that brings fibre directly to home and businesses, customers will experience a faster, reliable and more responsive online experience. And with the latest fibre network technology, all Fibre builds will have the capability of up to 8 Gbps, supporting even more devices and services in the home than ever before.