Rogers Brings High-Speed Internet to Carlsbad Springs


Rogers Communications has been awarded a partnership with the Government of Canada’s Universal Broadband Fund (UBF), to bring fast, reliable, high-speed internet service to Carlsbad Springs residents.

“We are pleased to be working together with the community of Carlsbad Springs to understand their needs and help deliver reliable broadband services to their residents,” said Phil Hartling, Executive Vice President, Service Expansion, Rogers. “Whether it is working remotely, studying online, accessing virtual healthcare services or running a business, high-speed connectivity is essential to keeping Canadians connected to the people and things that matter most.”

Rogers Communications Logo

“I am most pleased to see the Federal Government and Rogers Communications partnering and collaboratively investing in ensuring connectivity to communities such as Carlsbad Springs in the Orléans riding,” said Marie-France Lalonde, MP for Orléans. “This investment is crucial to the impacted families as being connected to proper broadband services will allow them to access services remotely, making work and education accessible.”

Rogers has been awarded this project through the UBF to expand its network and help improve broadband in underserved communities. Through a total joint investment of over $1.1 million, Rogers will expand its fibre optic network across the area to enable it to deliver broadband service with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second and continued support for increased speeds now, and in the future.

“The expansion of broadband connectivity to rural communities has long been a priority. Carlsbad Springs is only a short drive to Parliament Hill, yet has had very poor connectivity,” said Stephen Blais, MPP for Orléans. “This investment will go a long way to ensure that Ottawa’s rural residents get the same world class internet access as everyone else.”

“While the issue of reliable connectivity is long-standing in Carlsbad Springs, the COVID-19 pandemic further exposed its vital importance for residents working from home, learning virtually and connecting to modern services,” said Cumberland Ward Councillor Catherine Kitts. “This is an encouraging step forward in expanding quality telecom services in Ottawa’s rural areas, and I’m grateful to Rogers for taking the time to understand the needs of our community.”

In Carlsbad Springs, Rogers will expand its network by 20 kilometres and will serve about 200 homes in the communities of Navan, Vars and Blackburn Hamlet. Construction is expected to begin in October 2021 and be completed by February 2022. When completed, residents will have more choice for broadband services and will have access to Rogers next-generation services, including Ignite Internet™ with download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second and Ignite TVTM, Rogers revolutionary TV service.

“The upcoming Rogers high speed Internet expansion will change many lives in our area and promote its economic and social development,” said Denis Labrèche, Past President, Carlsbad Springs Community Association. “Our experience with Rogers has been very positive during the application process and our discussion in the past year. We are extremely happy with the results and the announcement that was made today by ISED and Rogers. It is a game changer for many homeowners who have struggled for many years with poor or limited Internet service and connectivity.”

Rogers investments will make reliable Internet available to more than 500,000 households in rural and underserved communities by the end of 2021. To help close the digital divide and improve the lives of Canadians, Rogers is partnering with communities and governments through programs like the Improving Connectivity for Ontario (ICON) program, the Universal Broadband Fund, Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT), and EORN (Eastern Ontario Regional Network).