Rockwell Automation, Panduit, and Cisco open Manufacturing Center in Mexico City


Rockwell Automation, Panduit and Cisco, with special collaboration with Tecnologico de Monterrey, EY and Unified announced today the opening of their Manufacturing Advanced Technology Center (MATC) in Mexico City.

The MATC showcases how companies in the automotive, mining, food & beverage and cementing industries can embrace the future now by establishing their digital journey for transformation and navigating the new Industry 4.0 era.

Companies visiting the MATC can witness real solutions by simulating and prototyping projects, learning about state-of-the-art solutions and co-innovating with a multidisciplinary group of experts. The impact on businesses can be extraordinary.

Firms can achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and cost efficiencies by leveraging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, automation, IoT and process integration. And, all of these technologies are under a cybersecurity umbrella to protect a business.

Customer experience at the MATC is focused on personalization. By focusing on the specific needs and priorities of each client, businesses can transform data into action.

The team of experts at the MATC has been designed to help clients unlock the highest value possible. This includes understanding and mapping the current business situation and challenges to identifying the best solutions to create a positive impact in the least amount of time with the highest return on investment.

In the MATC, EY brings their globally local business expertise together with Rockwell for process automation, Panduit’s industrial infrastructure, Cisco’s incomparable power to drive agility to businesses with enterprise and industrial connectivity, Unified Networks as IT integrator and finally Tecnológico de Monterrey with all its research and academic talent – all of them in one single place to embrace each challenge and define the best solution for all of their clients.

The Manufacturing Advanced Technology Center will deliver:

Customer Journey:
◾Digital Capabilities approach: learn, develop and implement at production lines ◾Risk Management Capability
◾Data Capabilities
◾Business Operations Capability
◾Workforce Enablement Capability
◾Customer Experience Capability

◾The MATC can solve Line of Business challenges and requests based on multidisciplinary projects
◾Education and Training

Business Financials:
◾Assure that investments in the production areas are on the correct path
◾Guidance on global industry tendencies, including free trade agreements and regulations in Mexico
◾Improvement of KPIs based on Value Analysis

Technology Strategy:
◾Execute sales models based on the solution at the MATC (Proof of Concept/Value)
◾Technology principles of the Industry 4.0 approach
◾Provide solutions based on Business outcomes

◾Bring value to new companies that will arrive to Mexico
◾Bring guidance and technology knowledge to Small and Medium Mexican companies to help solve their business challenges
◾Discuss solutions for the Chambers of Commerce to address their needs and enable growth

The center is open to all industry professionals from the automotive, mining, cementing, food & beverages industries ready to embrace the future.

Miguel Lopez Conde, Rockwell Regional Director Mexico, said, “We understand the continuous challenges our customers are facing, in order to compete the complex global environment; while maintaining the balance to serve the local market. Having the appropriate insights we can support them to gain the required flexibility to achieve their goals. MATC is a fundamental piece to provocate the discussion in a safe environment to help them to expand their possibilities.”

Kaleb Avila, LatinAmerican director for Network Infrastructure from Panduit, explained, “The convergence between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) highlights a huge difference regarding the capacity of business to become more efficient and competitive. Mexico is one of the markets that cares and occupies itself by staying at the forefront. The development of the Manufacturing Advance Technology Center is a way in which we support the industry to join the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 and to find solutions for a connected world.

Alejandro Aramburu, UNIFIED General Director, informed, “The rapid moves and transformation in the business environment are demanding new levels of understanding and pragmatism to define a concise and productive agenda for digital transformation at all levels and industries. Manufacturing Advanced Technology Center in Mexico City brings that level of pragmatism and vision under well-established use cases and expertise for Industry 4.0 play, driving a whole new different experience.”

Isidro Quintana, Cisco Mexico Country Manager, said, “The significant changes that industries face in a very competitive environment drive to a transformation of the business where the dynamism and efficiency are the priority. Since 1993, Cisco in México supports the digital development of the country, and in this case, the Manufacturing Advanced Technology Center, where test and reaction scenarios can take place, may help to solve the daily challenges that the industry needs to tackle in the path of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”