Road to 5G: T-Mobile Taps Nokia to Enable 5G Data Transmission on 600 MHz

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T-Mobile plans to bring 5G to everyone, everywhere, and together with Nokia, the Un-carrier just took a big step toward making that a reality.

The companies just completed the world’s first 5G data transmission on low-band spectrum (600 MHz) … and they did it on the Un-carrier’s live commercial network. Low band 600 MHz spectrum is key to building a nationwide 5G network, as it reaches much farther than other frequencies.

“The Un-carrier is focused on delivering 5G for everyone everywhere, while the other guys focus on 5G for the few – reaching just a few people in small areas of a handful of cities,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “We’re building truly mobile 5G so everyone can benefit from the 5G revolution. And with Sprint, we’ll be able to supercharge 5G with incredible capacity and speed!”

T-Mobile and Nokia engineers completed the downlink transmission tests using global 5G standards in Spokane, Washington. The successful tests prove that low-band airwaves will provide 5G coverage across hundreds of square miles from a single tower. That stands in stark contrast to millimeter wave (mmWave) sites – which cover less than a square mile.

Low band spectrum is essential for wide-area reach and reliable coverage that travels over distance, into buildings, and isn’t limited to line of sight. That broad coverage will be critical for bringing 5G to rural areas and powering mobile 5G applications, including IoT.

T-Mobile is the only wireless provider building 5G on multiple spectrum bands, including low-band and millimeter wave, to ensure the benefits of 5G can reach everyone, and together with Sprint, the New T-Mobile will have critical mid-band spectrum to enable broad AND deep nationwide coverage.

T-Mobile is already well on their way to delivering nationwide 5G in 2020, deploying 5G-ready equipment as they roll out 600 MHz Extended Range LTE, which is already live in more than 1,500 cities and towns in 37 states and Puerto Rico.

Capable device required; 5G speeds may require qualifying plan or extra features.