Road to 5G: KT, Nokia Promise to Lead Global 5G Deployment


KT and Nokia promise to lead global 5G deployment. KT CEO Chang-gyu Hwang and Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri held CEO summit in Seoul.

Agreed on utilizing their know-how in constructing the core technology of 5G trial service for development of new 5G technology. Strengthening solidarity of 5G Special Interest Group even after Pyeong Chang to reduce the timeframe for commercialization of NR-based 5G.

Nokia proposed to extend cooperative relationship in 5G technology and to jointly develop a new 5G platform with KT.

KT CEO Chang-gyu Hwang and Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri held a CEO summit at KT Gwanghwamun Building East in Seoul Korea to discuss ways to cooperate in next-generation network technology including the 5G trial service, which will be display in Pyeong Chang, 2018.

From November 2015, KT and Nokia formed the “5G Special Interest Group” with other global manufacturers to enact “Pyeong Chang 5G Specifications” and develop related devices. Both companies have been carrying out active collaboration for the 5G trial service to be revealed in Pyeong Chang, 2018.

During this CEO summit, KT and Nokia discussed ways to utilize the core technology of Pyeong Chang 5G trial service, for which the infrastructure will begin to be set up in October, and their know-how in constructing the 5G network for development of the new 5G technology, and shared detailed plans for the commercialization of 5G that they had been preparing systematically.

Additionally, they also discussed ways to strengthen solidarity of the 5G Special Interest Group in order to reduce the 5G commercialization timeframe based on NR (New Radio), next-generation wireless connection technology. Then, they showed their commitment to create a new working group for the development of 5G radio propagation technology as well as 5G core network technology, which serves as the control tower for a 5G network during standardization activities by global organizations such as 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project).

Finally, Nokia expressed its desire to expand a cooperative relationship with KT not just in 5G base stations but also throughout the entire 5G network. Nokia also proposed to jointly develop a new 5G platform that applies ‘Virtual Network’ technology, which enables separation of base stations and network devices in a virtual form to construct a 5G network in an efficient manner, and ‘Network Slicing’ technology, which selects and classifies networks depending on the services chosen by the user with which KT agreed to proceed.

KT CEO Hwang stated, “After proposing 5G Vision in 2015, KT has led the 5G technology to finalize the 5G trial service, which will be display in Pyeong Chang, 2018. KT will cooperate with major manufacturers and with small to medium corporations around the world to commercialize 5G for the first time in history and put in continuous efforts for our country to lead the global 5G ecosystem.”

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