Road to 5G: Elisa brings ultrafast 1 Gbit/s mobile broadband to Finland

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During the autumn, 1 Gbit/s mobile broadband connections have been under construction in the centre of Tampere and around Elisa Kulma shop in Helsinki.

Network users can immediately benefit from the additional capacity of the base stations, and at the same time, this is yet another step towards 5G.

Building mobile broadband with a 1 Gbit/s transfer speed in the centre of Tampere is part of a large-scale mobile network modernisation project where Elisa is building a 5G-ready network in Tampere and its surroundings.

Building an ultrafast mobile network is yet another step towards 5G and its fast transfer speeds, and we are among the global frontrunners of this development. The capacity added to the base stations in the centre of Tampere will enable a 1 Gbit/s mobile broadband connection, and in addition, it will immediately bring more speed to all current network users, explains Sami Komulainen, Elisa’s Vice President for Mobile Network Services.

In the future, these faster and more reliable mobile broadband connections will benefit specifically internet power users and make it easier to share digital services, such as different kinds of content and large files. Furthermore, watching videos and taking part in videoconferences will be even better, Komulainen adds.

In Helsinki, it is possible to browse the internet using 1 Gbit/s mobile speeds around Elisa Kulma shop on Aleksanterinkatu.

The development in this field is fast, and the first terminal devices supporting 1 Gbit/s data speeds are expected to be on the market next year. We want to ensure for our part that when these devices become more common, there will be fast wireless connections available, says Komulainen.