Rivada Networks Relies on ‘InfoVista Planet’ to Drive Critical Communication

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InfoVista, a provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world, has announced that US based communications technology and public safety company Rivada Networks has selected InfoVista’s Planet software to design a large-scale public safety LTE network.

Planet is a leading network planning and optimization solution used world-wide by LTE network operators and vendors. Rivada relies on the trusted accuracy and automated design capabilities of Planet to support efforts related to FirstNet’s next-generation, public safety network for first responders.

As a cloud-based, centrally managed platform, Planet is best-suited to quickly deliver on Rivada’s needs for a fully configured and managed IT environment that can support nationwide preliminary planning.

Planet, in conjunction with specialized InfoVista Geodata (mapping data), is able to accurately model network coverage, capacity and select optimal site counts and configurations to support the network design process.

By accessing the Planet network-planning and optimization solution in a managed cloud environment, Rivada is able to perform this large-scale design in support of their proposal to build and manage the FirstNet project.

“Partnering with InfoVista has enabled us to produce rapid results and support our FirstNet bid,” said Declan Ganley, co-CEO and Executive Chairman of Rivada Networks. “By leveraging Planet in the InfoVista cloud, we were up and running on day one with all the necessary functionality and geographic mapping data we needed to comply with FirstNet’s design needs. InfoVista’s RF engineer support team and public safety expertise has been key to the successful completion of such an important proposal. We have built the best possible partner consortium to support our FirstNet efforts, and ensuring we use best-in-class, industry standard tools like Planet has been a critical step in the process.”

“We have been working closely with the public safety LTE community for more than three years,” said Brad Ralph, vice president of sales, InfoVista. “Planet’s cloud-based planning software and Geodata has proved itself as highly-useful for engineers that need to rapidly gain access to the tools they need and collaborate during the public safety network design process. These functionalities paired with Rivada’s unique capabilities, business model and world-class partners will ensure America’s first responders have timely access to the highest quality network. We’re excited to support their bid to be part of FirstNet’s public safety initiative.”