“RF Router Can Enhance Coverage and Capacity for Operators”

Shawn Stapleton

At a time when operators are facing challenges in terms of meeting the ever growing customer appetite for data at the same time, also expanding their network reach, RF Router solution from Canada based Dali Wireless can provide an answer to the challenge of coverage and capacity. Shawn Stapleton, CTO, Dali Wireless talks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s current focus and why its RF Router solution is critical for next generation operators today.

What are some of the big priorities for Dali Wireless today?

The two biggest priorities for Dali Wireless today are:

Helping mobile operators and enterprises to evaluate how RF Routers can deliver capacity and coverage whenever and wherever needed in the most cost-effective way.

Strengthening the delivery of local projects by supporting organizations in target countries with the provision of excellent services from Dali Wireless.

What are some of the key technologies that you are working on  at present?

Recently Dali launched its High Density System, fully digital RF Router solution with a 10 Gbps fiber-optic transmission link that carries 300Mhz of spectrum, In addition, we are constantly refining our production methods for better energy efficiency of our products and further development of software algorithms and features, some of which may be published as additional patents by Dali.

How do you look at the proliferation of DAS and RF routers in India, Asia and MEA region?

With the rapid deployment of LTE networks and smartphones, the capacity crunch has already become a reality in parts of India, Asia and MEA. This will prompt operators to look for intelligent solutions for coverage and capacity, beyond the well-known traditional concepts.

In particular, Asia and India have generally high urban population density. When population density is high, two issues become critically important; 1) mobile data demand density is concentrated, and 2) deployment space is limited. The unique capability of Dali RF Router solution to provide coverage and capacity wherever and whenever needed, makes it an ideal candidate for situations in which a flexible and scalable solution is required.

What are some of the big advantages of having an RF Router  approach to networking?

One of the key advantages is the ability to rapidly deliver capacity and coverage whenever and wherever you need it cost effectively. In addition, having fully end-to-end digital signal processing leads to less interference, higher usable bandwidth and therefore an overall better user experience.

As RF Routers are true “any-to-any” routing solutions between  base station resources and antenna points, it allows for unmatched  flexibility and scalability of the system, better utilisation of  deployed resources and easier sharing of infrastructure among  operators. All of which delivers substantial savings to deployed  fiber lines.

The RF Router is also completely future-proofed by being fully agnostic to technologies, frequency bands and operators and BS vendors.

Where is the biggest growth likely to come from as far as your  operations are concerned? Which are the major geographies that you are looking at?

As the data traffic volumes increase, and as spectrum deficit gap  widens, Dali RF Router is the only solution in the market  that effectively addresses the growing capacity crunch. We are  currently working on various projects in North America, South  America, Europe and East Asia.

Whether it is 3G, LTE or WIFi, today operators are also finding  it hard to cope with an increasing confluence of technologies. How can Dali Wireless help here?

Dali provides a solution that is fully technology-, vendor- and  band-agnostic. It works with GSM, 3G, LTE and also includes WiFi  Access points and a backhaul channel for IP-based traffic.  Dali Wireless solution has virtualized the radio distribution  network, simplifying the deployment and operation of a network  supporting high-density traffic with multiple technologies. Dali  significantly simplifies life for the operator’s technical staff.

How do you see India as a potential market? Are you open to  partnering with key solution providers in India? Please share your  go to market strategy for this part of the world.

India is certainly a market with a very large potential and Dali welcomes cooperation with Indian operators or key solution providers. Due to the geographical distribution of Dali’s business partners, we currently have our main focus on the Americas, Europe and East Asia and will include India in due time when market demand arises.