Reliance Jio Prime to Connect Only One Device on Hotspot with Jio Network

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As per the terms and conditions given by Reliance Jio Prime – users will be able to connect only one device while switching on their hotspot mode on Jio Network.

At a time when there are multiple devices consuming data in a household, this can be seen as a deterrent towards adoption of Jio Prime.

Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), the subsidiary of Reliance Industries has recently announced a premium membership plan exclusively for the users of Jio who will join the network before March 31, 2017.

While the announcements carry a great degree of excitement, ambiguity in such plans can confuse customers to a large extent.

Screenshot of Jio T&C

One of the terms and condition mentioned in the plan clearly says that “The user device may be used as a personal hotspot connection (this is also known as tethering) for up to one device only at a time.”, which is completely misleading.

In today’s scenario, when operators are offloading a large amount of data, enablement of Hotspot is seen as a great way to help users maximize their data consumption and at the same time – it helps operators reduce capacity challenge.

Most of the hotspot tethering available in the market allows for 5 and in some cases upto 10 devices to be connected simultaneously to such hotspots and hence, a restriction to connect only one device will not be seen as a consumer-friendly offering today.