Reimagining IP Networks: Nokia’s FP4 Processor Can Revolutionize Network Fabric


By Zia Askari |

At a time when mega web-scale organizations, CSPs and telecoms look for evolving their networks to efficiently handle traffic – mantra lies in enabling flexibility and security for their customer base. Keeping this in mind Nokia has recently launched FP4 – its revolutionary 2.4Tb/s network processor.

This is pretty much changing the way network fabric will perform and handle huge traffic demands and stress on networks. It can enable service providers and webscale operators to implement IP networks that deliver unprecedented scale, security and functionality without sacrificing on the big and all so necessary performance factor.

Interacting on this major development at Nokia, CB Velayuthan, Vice President – Global Sales, IP & Optical Business, Nokia Networks said that FP4 has taken the industry by storm. “With this product, we are providing at least three to four times better processing speed when compared to what our existing competition is providing. And as a result, all our customers are very excited about it and they are all looking forward to use this revolutionary product in their networks. Most importantly, this is the best time for a product like this – to revolutionise networks – because data is now growing like it is just going over the roof and networks need to handle this growth,” he explained.

Doing More With Less

With IP routing platforms powered by FP4, operators and web-scale players can:

  • Support massive, multi-dimensional scale without compromising intelligence or performance
  • Adapt to transient conditions with real-time telemetry and insight-driven network automation
  • Secure systems and data with network-integrated DDoS mitigation
  • Get maximum value from your network investments with routing platforms that deliver hardware and software extensibility

Network as part of Security Solution

Nokia’s FP4 can protect network from DDoS attacks with high-scale enhanced packet intelligence and control technology. By supporting advanced deep packet lookups and flow control at scale, FP4-powered platforms can enable router-integrated DDoS mitigation solution as well.

“So with this, we will be able to do more with less and to give you an example if there is a big box of what you could do in terms of cards can be replaced with [barely visible] card, this is one card that can actually replace an entire shelf so you can imagine the amount of savings that will be generated with this solution. Another problem that most operators face is the attack on what is called DDoS. This is the first processor which can actually detect DDoS attacks and be able to filter and stop a large part of that.  So from a router we can actually see if there is a DDoS attack coming in from somewhere outside and we will be able to block it and will be able to make sure that does not go to the networks. This is completely next generation stuff,” he informed.