Ranplan Wireless unveils Professional Release 5.0 supporting 5G, densification


Ranplan Wireless has announced availability of Ranplan Professional 5.0, the latest release of its all-in-one, heterogeneous network planning, optimisation and simulation tool for Small Cell, DAS and WiFi networks, for both in-building and combined indoor and dense urban outdoor environments.

Ranplan Professional 5.0 showcases 5G support, new innovative network design features, advanced modelling capabilities, and new usability improvements to increase user productivity. The new Ranplan Professional tool will improve design productivity and efficiency, leading to significantly reduced project timescales and cost with its unique SmartLayout and Virtual DAS features.

Virtual DAS allows the designer to rapidly create predictions prior to designing the network in detail.

Ranplan Professional 5.0 also boasts new advanced modelling capabilities, in particular for modelling in train carriages, tunnels and other complex outdoor buildings. For train carriage modelling, users can define the dimensions and materials of the carriage to predict the effect a moving train has on the overall coverage within the tunnel.

Ranplan Professional 5.0 has been developed with the end user in mind. This new release delivers usability improvements, including: new CAD exporting, elevator design, cross-floor points improvements, support to hide devices and cables, group auto-numbering, multi-material replacement and flexibility for moving devices, along with the calculation of all predictions simultaneously and configuration of propagation parameters.

“As 5G networks are being trialled and deployments are scheduled for 2019, we placed significant focus on ensuring that RF designers have a tool that not only allows them to efficiently design 4G networks but also plan for future 5G in-building networks,” said Alastair Williamson. CEO at Ranplan Wireless. “Densification of wireless networks is key to mobile operators’ plans. Our unique capability of also being able to design combined in-building and dense urban outdoor environments provides the capability to design, predict and simulate the effect of densification.”

Ranplan will be showcasing Ranplan Professional 5.0 at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be located in hall 7, stand 7C22.