Ranplan launches new RF planning and optimisation tool for DAS


With increasing interest in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to deliver in-building mobile coverage, Ranplan has launched its iBuildNet DAS, the latest addition to its range of vendor-independent software tools for indoor and outdoor wireless network planning, design and optimization.

iBuildNet DAS is an advanced solution for designing and optimising DAS networks and supports multi-system technologies to deliver a seamless network environment. Using advanced 3D modelling, fast and accurate 3D ray-tracing and powerful data analysis to optimise antenna location type, power and channel assignment, iBuildNet significantly reduces the time it takes to plan and deploy complex DAS systems.

“As operators and system integrators see the benefits of DAS to meet the demand for in-building coverage, they are looking for new software tools, designed specifically to plan, optimise and deploy these complex networks,” said Graham Peel, CEO of Ranplan. “In the increasingly competitive DAS and Small Cells markets, iBuildNet provides a faster, smarter and more cost effective approach and importantly, offers a truly vendor-neutral solution.”

iBuildNet DAS can also be used with iBuildNet Tablet Planner, Ranplan’s automated on-site tool that allows installers to quote, plan, deploy and optimise a network to deliver maximum coverage and QoE in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost.

Ranplan is an innovative UK-based wireless technology company that has developed software tools for outdoor/indoor wireless network planning, design and optimisation, using advanced 3D building modelling and radio propagation simulation.