Rakuten Picks Mobileum to Enable Risk Management Telecom Analytics

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Mobileum Inc., a global provider of analytics solutions for Communications Service Providers worldwide, will deploy its Active Intelligence Platform with Japan’s newest mobile operator, Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Mobileum’s wide-reaching Active Intelligence platform includes telecom solutions for network security, roaming and core network, testing and monitoring, risk management, and customer engagement and experience.

Rakuten Mobile will utilize Mobileum’s unified Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management services in addition to a suite of advanced analytics solutions to connect deep network and operational intelligence with real-time actions to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

Beyond selecting Mobileum for its Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management capabilities, Rakuten Mobile signed collaboration and partnership agreements with Mobileum. In the collaboration agreement, the two companies will jointly develop products to solve some of the industry’s key security, risk, and 5G testing challenges for telecom operators worldwide. Mobileum’s solutions will also be available to global operators through Rakuten Symphony as part of the Rakuten Communications Platform.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mobileum to enrich the mobile experience and engagement for our customers and also ensure that our engineers have access to real-time operational intelligence across Rakuten Mobile’s nationwide network,” said Tareq Amin, CEO at Rakuten Symphony & CTO at Rakuten Mobile.

“Our relationship with Rakuten Mobile reinforces the value that Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform is driving growth, profitability, and market differentiation for our customers. We are excited to be working with an industry innovator like Rakuten Mobile to deliver cutting-edge, analytics-based solutions that empower digital service providers to grow and protect their revenues, innovate new business models, and digitally engage with their customers in the 5G era,” stated Bobby Srinivasan, Mobileum CEO.

Mobileum is a provider of Telecom analytics solutions for roaming, core network, security, risk management, domestic and international connectivity testing, and customer intelligence.

More than 1,000 customers rely on its Active Intelligence platform, which provides advanced analytics solutions, allowing customers to connect deep network and operational intelligence with real-time actions that increase revenue, improve customer experience and reduce costs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Mobileum has global offices in Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Portugal, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and UK.