RADWIN delivers WiFi Backhaul at the 2015 Pacific Games


Delivering next generation Wi-Fi backhaul capability, RADWIN, the global provider of sub-6 GHz broadband wireless solutions, has announced that its wireless broadband systems are deployed in the XV Pacific Games 2015 taking place in Papua New Guinea (PNG), July 4-18.



Leading service provider TELIKOM PNG is the exclusive telecommunications provider for the 2015 Pacific Games and is providing free Wi-Fi to the public at all games venues.

RADWIN’s Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point solutions are used for Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul and fiber backup. Amboya, a system integration firm based in Israel, was in charge of project design and implementation.

Michael Donnelly, CEO, Telikom PNG: “As a proud sponsor of the Pacific Games we wanted to enable spectators to share their experiences via the internet in real-time and also allow for streaming coverage of the event. With RADWIN’s systems used for Wi-Fi backhaul, the public can enjoy a high-speed connection 24×7 and our subsidiary, EMTV Station, can broadcast live coverage of all games worldwide. By providing fiber backup, RADWIN’s systems are also allowing us to ensure continuous service; just the other day a fiber cable was cut and RADWIN’s systems provided crucial backup.”

Amos Goldman, Managing Director, Amboya: “RADWIN’s PtMP & PtP wireless broadband were the optimal fit for this project. Very easy to install and quick to implement, the systems can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed as needed when and where needed. The carrier-grade systems operate in the face of major interference inherent in these types of sporting events, providing non-stop connectivity.”

Joshua Mony, RADWIN’s GM South East Asia and Oceania: “We’re proud that RADWIN was selected to play a key role in the Wi-Fi network set-up for the prestigious XV Pacific Games 2015. This attests to the robustness and reliability of our solutions. Our systems are the ideal choice for providing high-speed transmission and backhaul at mega events. They provide a unique combination of easy installation, robustness and high capacity at the most competitive price.”