RADWIN debuts TerraBridge mmWave solution for transportation market


TerraBridge provides 5G speeds in inter-carriage links and depot offload applications

RADWIN has introduced its new TerraBridge solution for the transportation market. TerraBridge is a mmWave 5G era solution, specifically designed for the railway industry to support high-speed inter-carriage connectivity and data offload from trains.

TerraBridge is based on the 60GHz mmWave band and enables transmission of more than 1.5Gbps of data traffic. By using TerraBridge for an inter-carriage connection, train operators can easily create an end-to-end gigabit network across the train. TerraBridge seamlessly adapts to dynamic train composition scenarios, assuring operational efficiency, ease of use, and unparalleled flexibility.

TerraBridge offers a superior alternative to mechanical couplers with minimal hassle installation and no wear and tear over time that is typical of mechanical components.

TerraBridge can also be used to support high-speed data offload and upload when trains stop in the station or park in the depot. The solution is designed specifically for railway applications, providing an extremely small footprint, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Nir Hayzler, VP of RADWIN’s Strategic Industries Business said “Most wireless solutions available today for inter-carriage connectivity and data offload are limited in actual throughput, spectrum availability, interference, and complexity. RADWIN has combined its wireless expertise and understanding of its public transportation customers to create a cutting-edge solution that fulfills the needs of the marketplace.”