Radisys Contributes Seed Code to O-RAN Alliance’s 5G NR Stack Reference

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Radisys Corporation, a global enabler of open telecom solutions, is contributing its Open 5G Software seed code to the O-RAN Alliance for its 5G NR Stack Reference Architecture.

Radisys’ contribution will help accelerate the O-RAN ecosystem and enable the delivery of open APIs and open architectures that mobile operators can use to accelerate their 5G network build-outs, while benefitting from reduced costs, improving network efficiencies, and enabling a multi-vendor ecosystem.

Mobile operators are rolling out 5G infrastructure to meet subscriber and industry demand for faster speeds and ultra-low-latency to enable applications such as factory automation, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, and more.

Rather than continuing the traditional model of building networks with proprietary, single sourced components, mobile operators and vendors have come together in the O-RAN Alliance to enable the open RAN transformation. These new disaggregated and virtualized networks are being built with open source software and white box hardware to accelerate solution development and 5G deployment.

Radisys, along with China Mobile and AT&T as the Operator co-chairs, is teamed with Intel to co-chair Work Group 8 to define the 5G NR stack reference architecture. Radisys is the first contributor to this effort with its seed code. The O-RAN Alliance’s additional workgroups will leverage the code for their own deliverables.

The Radisys’ Open 5G Software seed code was made available as open source code by the O-RAN Alliance’s Software Community during MWC Shanghai, which occurred June 26-28.

Multiple O-RAN demonstrations showcased at MWC Shanghai were powered by Radisys 5G NR software, including the ones provided by WG7 and WG8 with CMCC and AT&T.

“China Mobile is a founding member of the O-RAN Alliance and co-chair of WG8, and we are dedicated to bringing openness and intelligence to the 5G RAN built with virtualized network elements, open hardware and open APIs,” said Dr. Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, CMCC. “The Alliance’s success depends on key contributions from our members, both mobile operators and vendors. China Mobile is glad to see key O-RAN members including Radisys have begun actively contributing seed codes. We are also committed to contributing code to the O-RAN SC community. China Mobile believes that the open source RAN software will play an important role in promoting the prosperity of an open ecosystem.”

“We share a common vision with our WG8 co-chairs – China Mobile, AT&T and Intel – to accelerate RAN evolution through the principles of disaggregation and openness, while laying the groundwork for 5G networks that are being built today,” said Neeraj Patel, vice president and general manager, Software and Services, Radisys. “We thank our mobile operator co-chairs for welcoming us as co-chair, re-affirming our own commitment to the open telecom revolution, and we call on other vendors and operators to make their own contributions to this important work.”