RADCOM Unveils Virtual Drive Test Solution for 5G


RADCOM Ltd. has launched its cloud-native RADCOM Virtual Drive Test (VDT) solution as part of the RADCOM ACE platform for 5G to significantly reduce drive test costs, boost the nationwide mobility experience for subscribers and improve 5G service coverage 24/7 based on real user insights.

“Operators spend high costs in physical drive tests to ensure great mobility experiences for their customers,” said Rami Amit, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at RADCOM. “However, despite these costs, these solutions lack visibility into multiple scenarios, including road analysis and fast-speed transport like trains. RADCOM’s solution enables operators to gain greater visibility into network quality issues nationwide, pinpoint issues quickly, and boost quality, all while reducing their reliance on physical drive tests, leading to cost savings of up to 30%.”


RADCOM VDT is powered by Continual’s leading mobility experience analytics, acquired by RADCOM. The solution uses advanced AI to accurately reconstruct subscriber routes (roads, highways, railways) and assign each route segment with quality scores without needing GPS or geographical data. The solution empowers engineering teams with the ability to define and launch virtual drive test ‘campaigns’ that analyze digital network datasets. The campaigns can be set for a variety of scenarios and include:

5G site validation
Investigating subscribers’ complaints on travel routes
Gaining insights into network performance vs. competitors
Achieving regulatory requirements or marketing insights for customer experience scores from small geographical grids to entire cities
Virtual Drive Test runs on multiple public cloud providers and integrates with their services to ensure cloud and resource efficiency. The solution can run on the operator’s own private cloud or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This allows operators to deploy VDT in the business model that suits their needs. Being part of RADCOM ACE, VDT combines user and control plane data, and Radio Access Network (RAN) call traces and feeds to offer operators a unified solution for 5G mobility experience analytics, E2E subscriber analytics, and advanced troubleshooting.

Integration with RADCOM ACE leverage’s unique geo-location algorithms to create a de-facto correlation of RAN to core datasets, helping network engineers detect, troubleshoot, and resolve cross-quality issues quickly and efficiently to boost the customer experience nationwide across all services and network domains.