Qvantel Flex BSS Debuts in AWS Marketplace


Qvantel, an enabler in Digital Business Support Systems (BSS), announced the availability of Qvantel Flex BSS in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a software as a service (SaaS) based system, which comes with pre-built out of the box use cases, Qvantel Flex BSS can be quickly up and running to allow communication service providers (CSPs) to develop, manage and monetize new services.

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As CSPs look to innovate and launch new digital and 5G services they are often hindered by legacy systems and processes. By implementing Qvantel Flex BSS on AWS as a greenfield system for new opportunities, such as 5G SA (stand-alone) and digital brands, CSPs can avoid the bottleneck of legacy systems and be able to focus on providing enhanced customer experience at all touchpoints and opening new revenue streams.

By combining Qvantel with the scale, performance, and security that AWS provides, CSPs can quickly access the latest BSS technology to quickly and cost-effectively expand their businesses.

Andres Casco, CEO of Mexican CSP IGOU TELECOM, said: “We have been running Qvantel Flex BSS on AWS and we find it the best way for an agile CSP like IGOU TELECOM to quickly develop and manage sub brands, 4G and 5G offers, and provide the best customer experience. Running Qvantel on AWS lets us focus on providing the best service for our customers.”

“Taking a greenfield approach for new services such as 5G SA also provides a cost-effective solution to migrating customers off legacy systems,” said Tero Nieminen, CTO of Qvantel. “By adding new 5G customers and existing customers who upgrade from 4G to 5G to the new stack, CSPs are taking a clean break from legacy systems. This organic approach to customer migration from legacy systems means that you’re not spending time and money replicating legacy processes on a new system. Over time, the new greenfield system becomes the CSPs’ main BSS that supports all customers for all services.”

Qvantel Flex BSS is also pioneering the use of no/low code in BSS. This means that CSPs can quickly and cost effectively add and manage new business processes using a drag and drop GUI.

Tero Nieminen continued: “CSPs need to do be able to develop new models, offers and processes and try out new ideas. The no/low code approach of Qvantel Flex BSS delivers configuration over customization, which means that business process changes can be made in hours, and this delivers a new level of agility to CSPs. This, combined with the advantages of AWS, allows CSPs to innovate faster than ever before.”