Quortus, Fujitsu Align on cellular core network technology for Private LTE

Fujitsu Logo

Quortus has announced the recent signing of a multi-country reseller agreement with Fujitsu Limited of Japan. Under the deal, Fujitsu, Japan’s largest provider of IT services, will deploy the Quortus range of cellular core network products as part of its comprehensive range of Private LTE solutions for enterprises, telcos and other large organizations in Japan and North America.

“We are delighted to be working with Fujitsu, Japan’s leading IT services provider,” said Andy Odgers, Quortus founder and CEO. “Fujitsu is uniquely positioned to help operators and enterprises maximize the effectiveness of their communications infrastructure. Quortus is proud to be working with a partner that can provide such complete, advanced solutions.”

Yoshinori Yuki, Director of Business Department I, Mobile Solution Business Division, Fujitsu Japan, commented: “Working with Quortus extends the range of solutions Fujitsu can offer across our entire range of customers. We’ve been impressed not only with the quality of Quortus’ software solutions, but also with their commitment to quality and their support capabilities, which are key for our customers.”

Fujitsu’s complete offerings enable network service providers to focus on maintaining profitable revenue streams and business models by building and leveraging customer relationships. This extends from network capacity and coverage enhancement to complete quality of experience management.

The company’s solutions encompass a network operator’s end-to-end consumer or business lifecycle, from customer acquisition to billing and customer relationship management.

Quortus provides a broad range of flexible, scalable core solutions for mobile network operators, MVNOs and organizations requiring private cellular networks. The company’s software can run on any hardware platform – including cloud-based and “as a service” type implementations – and is scalable and cost effective for anywhere between tens, and hundreds of thousands, of user connections.