Pure IP Certified to Offer Full PSTN Replacement in Estonia


Pure IP is now certified to offer full PSTN replacement services in Estonia, which marks a total of 45 countries where Pure IP are licensed to offer full PSTN replacement services, and an additional range of voice solutions available in 137 countries.

The addition of Estonia further expands Pure IP’s geographic portfolio, in their ongoing drive to meet the needs of businesses who operate globally and require a single voice provider with global coverage.

Commenting on the news, Pure IP’s CEO Gary Forrest said: “The move toward cloud-based telephony continues to grow, and we’re finding more often that businesses require one voice provider to cover several regions, especially multinationals with a global presence. Customers need to know their chosen provider is licensed to provide the service to avoid the risk of disruption to service and our team is continuously working on adding more countries to our map of full PSTN replacement services.”

Forrest continued: “Along with our global service offering, users in all regions have access to our secure and resilient network, access to full CLI, local ring back, and emergency services. We are an agnostic provider, and connect to Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone as well as offer solutions to make use of legacy devices and systems. We’re happy to offer this service in an increasing number of countries and look forward to expanding even further.”

Using a single voice provider, such as Pure IP has a range of benefits to businesses including better visibility over call usage, lower troubleshooting times and support whilst integrating platforms and systems. It also gives large and multi-national organizations the opportunity to move away from managing relationships with multiple local carriers, and combine their voice services in the cloud.

Pure IP has been at the forefront of enterprise voice communications solutions around the world for over 18 years and takes pride in solving complex voice challenges, backed by outstanding customer service and technical excellence.

Utilizing their own secure, resilient and fully redundant SIP based voice network, combined with a technical-led managed service, Pure IP provides a modular, flexible, and ever-current solution to meet ever-changing customer telephony requirements.

With full PSTN replacement services in 45 different countries, service coverage in a total of 137 countries and a 24/7 follow-the-sun international support operation, Pure IP has the global capabilities to satisfy even the largest of multi-national organizations.