Pulsant, Megaport partner to strengthen and simplify cloud connectivity

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Pulsant, a UK provider of regional data centre, cloud and
managed services, has partnered with Megaport, a leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider, to strengthen connectivity for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

Leveraging Megaport’s software defined network (SDN), Pulsant customers can now connect their infrastructure directly to Megaport points of presence housed within Pulsant data centres in Milton Keynes, South London and Edinburgh, to access a multi-cloud ecosystem.

Delivered via Pulsant’s Cloud Connect service and through Megaport’s scalable, private network, customers can connect to over 360 k service providers, including major hyperscalers like Alibaba, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, and SAP via a single port.

Customers can benefit from secure, fast and flexible connectivity across regions, countries and continents, enabling organisations to scale their business faster, access new markets and deliver local services to global clients.

“Scalable connectivity between the data centre and the public cloud is now a prerequisite for modern businesses with hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Through our Megaport Connected solution customers can now directly connect to public cloud environments from our network of regional data centres, enabling them to move their data fast and securely in our low latency, high capacity network, across and out of the UK,” comments Simon Michie, CTO, Pulsant.

“Customers also increasingly need the flexibility to scale cloud consumption in line with their needs. With Pulsant Cloud Connect, we have designed a service which is fully managed and monitored, can scale up and down quickly as demand changes, and can be provisioned very quickly,” concludes Michie.

Cloud Connect can be used by customers who have a fully managed service from Pulsant or colocated infrastructure in Pulsant’s data centres. Fully managed connectivity to Azure and AWS is provided by Pulsant with alternative Megaport supported clouds offered on an unmanaged service.

“Pulsant has established a very strong portfolio of UK regional data centres with a deep enterprise customer base,” comments Eric Troyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Megaport. “The partnership helps to expand our UK network further to address the growing demand for cloud connectivity in-region., We are excited to support
Pulsant’s mission to provide enhanced cloud connectivity in the North of the UK, by helping companies to increase their speed to market and ability to scale.”