Public Relations Democratized: The PRAI Platform Empowers Users to Create Their Own Campaigns


Like the rest of our modern world, technology has revolutionized marketing of products and services and introduced innovations over the last 30 years that fueled the on-demand economy. In the 90s, the internet enabled booksellers like Barnes and Noble and Amazon to inaugurate the era of ecommerce. Internet protocol television birthed video on-demand at the turn of the century, forever transforming media distribution to VOD on televisions and computers. Led by Starworks and later by Microsoft and Apple, streaming media joined downloaded content when bandwidth, data compression and CPU developments allowed.

Broadcast cellular networks improvements in the early 2010s ushered in smartphones and mobile payment systems. These made it possible for Uber and Airbnb to develop a new business model that radically changed the transportation and hospitality markets. Now, the peer-to-peer service model is transforming other industries like healthcare and learning. Mobile devices and payments also encouraged on-demand delivery of a range of products and services from local businesses: from grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies and liquor stores to stylists, housekeepers and child care providers.

Technology doesn’t only expand access to global markets and eliminate middlemen. It doesn’t just give the consumer convenient, quick and cost effective ways to obtain a broadening range of products and services. Consumers and end users have gained control of obtaining the products they want, when they want them, and from whom they get them. Technology is driving the democratization of the marketplace.

Now this democratization has come to public relations, this time harnessing artificial intelligence.

Recently launched, the PRAI platform offers access to publishing, editorial and journalist resources previously available only through professional PR specialists. Most people don’t have the time or expertise to prepare effective PR campaigns, nor the funds to hire an experienced agency. PRAI is the resource they need to publicize their events and achievements.

Anyone needing affordable PR services can benefit from this innovation, from creative talent and entrepreneurs to small and medium sized businesses. By using, SMEs and individuals will see an improvement in PR campaign metrics without the costs of expensive agencies, extensive training or establishing an in-house team. Typically, PR DIY requires a person or business to utilize many separate software applications, combining or switching among them and incurring costs for each. PRAI System offers all of them in one package with lower costs compared to any competitor with similar functionality.

The PRAI “agency-in-a-black-box” approach provides a full range of PR functions, made accessible with an easy-to-use interface. Users with a few requirements or the complete array of PR needs can benefit from this innovation. Interview management, document writing, pitch targeting, open rate and reply rate monitoring, and response processing are all available on the platform. Personalized PR services are available on-demand, as easily as ordering pizza.

Using natural language processing, starts with a given paragraph of text. Then AI analyzes information from key source materials, including documents, interviews, and websites related to the content. Finally, PRAI’s labeled and verified database of articles, blog posts, pitches and press releases is used to create content in formats and styles specified by the user. An easy-to-use text editor can proof original copy.

Creating content is just the first step. PRAI targets pitches with an extensive journalist database, helping to increase respondent engagement and improve open rate. NFTs certify that pitches are unique and content is personally written for the one recipient, not an email blasted to many. continues to perform, monitoring reply rates, analyzing responses and correcting campaigns if necessary. The platform’s repository holds all clients’ PR materials, text, video and audio interviews and the cross-platform compatibility is adaptive for all devices.

Few visionaries predicted the technological transformation of our economy would be as dramatic as it was, and continues to be. Not everyone was aware of the steps farsighted companies were taking to advance end-user control of product and service distribution. Now that we’ve seen how far we’ve come, witnessing companies like PRAI System succeed in transforming other industries should be expected – and met with applause from consumers and investors alike.