Proxim Wireless Debuts ‘ORiNOCO QB-9100’ Wireless Backhaul Solution for Operators


Combining powerful features of an access point and that of a carrier-grade backhaul solution, Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global provider of advanced Wi-Fi, point-to-point (PtP), and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) radio systems, has unveiled its ORiNOCO® QB-9100 products.

This line of products combine a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access point and a carrier class wireless point-to-point backhaul radio into a single ruggedized enclosure for outdoor deployments. These products are available for order now.

The ORiNOCO QB-9100 products leverage Proxim’s extensive experience in both WLAN access points and wireless backhaul. The ORiNOCO QB-9100 products combine an ORiNOCO 2.4 GHz access point and a Tsunami Quickbridge® 5 GHz point-to-point backhaul radio into a single product.

By using these products, end users will be able to enjoy network and Internet access via the feature-rich ORiNOCO access point combined with very high throughput (866 Mbps data rate) backhaul in a single unit. This combination of functionality in a single unit is designed to reduce the solution footprint (especially for city deployments where smaller is better), reduce initial capital expenditure costs, and reduce recurring site rental costs.

QB-9100 products can all be centrally managed with ProximVision Advanced, Proxim’s hybrid controller-network management solution. ProximVision Advanced gives network administrators tremendous flexibility and control of individual units in heterogeneous network environments, enabling rapid deployments by automating configuration processes, exhaustive software-based device configuration capabilities, and easy upgradability.

These products are designed to meet the connectivity needs of a wide range of customers, including:

Cellular Operators: Due to burgeoning demand for mobile data, cellular carriers are both installing small cell networks which require backhaul and seeking to offload data from the cellular network to other connectivity technologies, including Wi-Fi. The ORiNOCO QB-9100 products address both of these issues.

With its very high throughput (866 Mbps data rate), jumbo frame support, and IEEE 1588v2 synchronization, the QB-9100 products provide all needed features and capacity for backhauling cellular small cells. Moreover, its integrated 802.11n access point enables the offload of data traffic from the cellular network to a Wi-Fi network. As a result, this single product can both reduce the data load on the cellular network by enabling Wi-Fi offload and also backhaul that Wi-Fi traffic together with the collocated small cell traffic.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Video Security Deployments:

The QB-9100 products, like Proxim’s other Tsunami QuickBridge products, are ideal for ITS and video security applications with their high data rate and low latency. In addition to the powerful feature set of Proxim’s point-to-point products, the QB-9100 products allow secure Wi-Fi access to the network at the QB-9100 remote end point. This ability to connect to the network not only from the control center but also in the field allows network administrators and users to access the network data and video in real time in the street close to where it is needed without adding extra devices on already crowded street poles.

Wi-Fi HotSpot/Network Deployments: When deploying an outdoor access point or network, a significant challenge often is how to provide network access to the remote access point. QB-9100 products provide an easy way to reach remote locations and provide high quality “Carrier WiFi” without the need for multiple devices.

A single device can both enable the Wi-Fi HotSpot and backhaul the HotSpot data to the network. Moreover, the very high throughput backhaul allows extra services to be offered at the remote location (such as a video camera for customer protection).

“Proxim continues its proud legacy of product innovation for the real world with these ORiNOCO QB-9100 products,” said Greg Marzullo, President and CEO of Proxim Wireless. “Site leasing, power, and field deployment costs are becoming prohibitive. By combining the functionality of two products into a single integrated solution, we believe we have significantly reduced these burdens on our customers. Proxim’s long experience in both wireless LAN and point-to-point technologies has enabled us to introduce our QB-9100 products. This is the first of several ‘Carrier WiFi’ products we will be introducing to our portfolio over the coming quarters.”