Proxim Wireless Debuts High Capacity 24 GHz Point to Point Link


Full Duplex Backbone is ideal to deliver 5GHz network Backhauling capabilities

Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global provider of outdoor wireless infrastructure and advanced Wi-Fi, has unveiled the Tsunami GX-824. This high capacity, 24 GHz, point to point license exempt product is ideal for providing a trunking backbone for Proxim’s 5 GHz portfolio.

The GX-824 delivers almost 1 Gbps in a full duplex system totaling just under 2 Gbps of actual throughput. While 6 GHz, 11 GHz, 15 GHz, 18 GHz or 23 GHz have long been used as backbones for lower capacity point to multipoint Base Stations, this approach often results in delays and extra cost as licensing approval is required. When customers and carriers deploy the GX-824, because it operates in a license exempt band similar to the 5 GHz band, deployment can proceed with no regulatory delay.

Moving almost 2 Gbps of backbone capacity to the 24 GHz band, frees up 5 GHz spectrum for last mile access links using the Tsunami 800 and 10100 products. These can be point to multipoint 10100 series Base Station Units at 650 Mbps each, or they can use Quickbridges to extend the capacity deeper into the network or deployment, with Tsunami 800 Base Stations connecting to the QBs as the last mile equipment.

The GX-824 continues Proxim’s commitment to carrier class wireless infrastructure with it’s ruggedness and support for either Gigabit Ethernet or fiber as the interface. Managed by Proxim’s ProximVision Advanced hybrid controller, the GX-824 represented yet another frequency and product expanding the capabilities of PVA as the industry leading management system running heterogeneous wireless networks.

“The Tsunami GX-824 will drive large scale city wide networks by shifting gigabits of capacity out of the 5 GHz band to the license exempt 24 GHz frequency.” Stated Greg Marzullo, CEO and President, Proxim Wireless. “The GX-824 came as a result of Proxim listening to our customers, and delivering high capacity backhaul capabilities that reduce 5 GHz congestion and is synergistic with the Tsunami MP and QB product lines.”