Proxim Updates ‘ProximVision’ Advanced software


Proxim Wireless, a pioneer in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point (PtP), and point to multipoint (PtMP) radio systems, is introducing a new approach to wireless infrastructure management with the introduction of the latest ProximVision® Advanced software.

It is  – a hybrid Het-Net controller merging cloud based carrier management system and WLAN controller features into a single software platform and supporting multiple wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Proxim’s proprietary WORP® technology, or licensed microwave.

In keeping with its “Simply Powerful” theme, Proxim has completely overhauled the graphical user interface (GUI) for its Tsunami® Quickbridge 820 PtP series and the newly introduced Quickbridge 10100 PtP series.

Wireless devices and networks are becoming increasingly complex. The increasing size and density of networks also creates installation and operational challenges. This is especially the case in intelligent transport and smart rail and bus applications as well as with increasingly complex video protection networks as they span large geographic areas.

Proxim is announcing two advances to meet these challenges. Proxim has taken two significant steps to bring to the market management interfaces that are “Simply Powerful.”

ProximVision Advanced 1.1 Software

As systems become more complex, and span not just buildings but cities, the need for a controller that combines advanced network management systems with wireless LAN controllers is a necessity. The new ProximVision Advanced v1.1 software brings a new layer of automation for large city wide, heterogeneous network deployments.

Specific new features are:

Automatically adds newly connected devices to the network map and list in PVA
Provides automatic provisioning and upgrade to the latest firmware for connected devices
Provides detailed base station/access point and subscriber unit/Wi-Fi client statistics
Displays a graphical frequency usage chart showing each device’s activity
A true Het Net management system supporting Tsunami, ORiNOCO®, and third party equipment giving customers the power to control their Het Net under a single platform

Overhauled GUI

In conjunction with ProximVision Advanced v1.1 software, Proxim is also expanding its new GUI (introduced with Tsunami Quickbridge 10100 series) to the Tsunami Quickbridge 820 lines. The new GUI has been engineered to be easier to use while at the same time maintaining the granularity of control that users have come to expect and enjoy from Tsunami products. Already deployed links automatically implement the new GUI after a firmware update.

The new GUI summarizes and simplifies the display of critical information in a single screen and provides access to common tasks with fewer “clicks.” This simplification will make it easier for non-experts to complete the bulk of tasks involved in deploying and operating a wireless network. With a wizard available to pre-configure the products for common applications such as video security or a wireless ISP application, initial setup has never been easier.

“Proxim is committed to making its products easy to use by its customers,” said Greg Marzullo, President and CEO of Proxim. “The two advances being announced today are tangible steps in Proxim’s commitment to be ‘Simply Powerful.’ Our PVA 1.1 software is a step forward in management of Het Net environments and reduces the complexity of large deployments. With the expansion of our new GUI, we have vastly improved the ease of use of our Tsunami Quickbridge products without sacrificing advanced functionality. Together these two advances enable Proxim networks that are easier than ever to deploy, provision, and manage.”

Proxim at CommunicAsia 2016

Proxim is all set to participate at the upcoming CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore. Proxim will be showcasing both licensed and unlicensed wireless solutions for outdoor and indoor applications.