Proxim Rolls Out Tsunami 10100L – 400 Mbps PtP and PtMP Portfolio


Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global innovator in the in point to point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) wireless systems and advanced Wi-Fi, has rolled out its Tsunami® 10100L series supporting up to 400Mbps data rate and upgradeable to 866Mbps.

With the Tsunami 10100L product line, Proxim continues to offer more for less. Operating at 256QAM in a 40Mhz channel, combined with our WORP protocol, means end users will see 300Mbps of useable data in a 40MHz channel. Offered at a price that continues to push the cost/performance metric, the Tsunami 10100L is a leader in the carrier class wireless infrastructure market in $/bit.

The 10100L is based on the same hardware platform as the Tsunami 10100 series, meaning customers get the features they have come to expect from Proxim – a rugged IP67 design, PoE out, Proxim Clear Connect, Fast Connect and more. The 10100L series includes several product variants including– BSU, SUA, SUR, and QBs. This provides customers with a wide variety of applications and deployment options across the series.

With the ability to software upgrade the 10100L to a full 10100 series, customers can “pay as they grow” by deploying the less expensive 10100L product, and upgrading to the full 866Mbps capacity when needed for a small upgrade fee.

In addition, as always with Proxim products, Proxim maintains two generations of backwards compatibility. This means the 10100L, as well as the 10100, can interoperate with the Tsunami 800 and 8200 series products. Mixed networks are supported allowing existing networks to add the additional capacity supported by the 10k series when needed, or to start with a 10100 BSU and deploy the lower capacity, more cost effective 800 series products as subscriber units.

“The Tsunami® 10100L has been designed for markets that are looking for carrier class communications but with moderate bandwidth requirements. This series makes our high performance solutions now more affordable with no compromises on quality” said Greg Marzullo, CEO and President, Proxim Wireless.