Proxim Celebrates Decade of Mobile Connectivity at Spain’s Tranvía de Tenerife


Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global enabler of point to point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) fixed and mobile wireless systems and advanced Wi-Fi, has announced the ten year anniversary of connectivity for Spain’s Tenerife Tram Network.

Located in the Canary Islands, Spain, the Tenerife Tram, is a light rail/tram system that runs across the main Island of Tenerife, passing through underground tunnels and along high-speed expressways and winding around corners and densely populated localities on the Island.

Since the commencement of the tram service in 2007, Proxim’s high performance Tsunami® point to multipoint mobile network solutions have offloaded live feeds from HD cameras deployed along the rail track and in the vehicles to the local NOC and security center. The deployment takes advantage of Proxim FastConnect® – Proxim’s advanced mobility technology, WORP® – Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol for guaranteed QoS and triple play application support, and Proxim ClearConnect® – suite of dynamic and adaptive, interference mitigation Radio Frequency technologies.

The deployment includes 63 Tsunami® base stations along the 16 km track and 25 subscriber stations, transmitting video feeds from the onboard surveillance cameras in the vehicles to the base station units deployed trackside.

“I am glad to announce that in the last ten years we have seen no significant downtimes in the network. Proxim’s solution just performed seamlessly – consistent speeds at all times.” – Pablo Martín, IT Director, Tenerife Tram. “Our security teams are able to view high quality video feeds from all the cameras connected via Proxim’s Tsunami® radios.”

“Ten years of operations for a complex deployment such as this proves our commitment to high performance and reliability.” said Greg Marzullo, CEO and President, Proxim Wireless. “We at Proxim are dedicated to offering maximum value to our customers, and will continue to offer reliable solutions designed for mission critical applications such as the Tenerife Tram. In an era of disposable technology our customers understand that when performance matters, Proxim is the best choice for long term reliability and return on your investment.”