Prodapt investing £100M in the UK tech sector


Prodapt, a global consulting, technology & managed services provider to the Connectedness industry, is planning to double its investment in the UK market to £ 100M. This increased commitment comes from a strong growth opportunity that Prodapt sees in the UK’s technology sector.

With a singular focus on the Connectedness industry, Prodapt accelerates digital transformation for its clients, using technologies like 5G, cloud, SDN/NFV, edge computing, IoT, and AI/ML. Prodapt’s customers include leading UK telecom operators, digital/multi-service providers (D/MSPs), and high technology companies.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Trade and investment between the UK and India is creating good jobs and sustaining livelihoods in both of our countries. I’m very pleased that Prodapt has decided to join the legions of Indian companies investing in the UK, boosting our technology sector, and driving economic growth.”

“As the UK has become a hub for technology and innovation in the Connectedness industry, it is natural to scale up our investment and commitment in the UK region,” said Vedant Jhaver, Chairman and CEO, Prodapt. “With this renewed vigor, Prodapt continues to be a preferred digital transformation partner to the enablers of the hyper-connected world,” he added.

Prodapt plans to invest £ 100 million over the coming years in the UK and anticipates creating over 500 jobs. Prodapt, earlier this year, had established a new office in London to accommodate its growth.

Prodapt has a singular focus on the Connectedness vertical. Prodapt’s customers range from telecom operators, digital/multi-service providers (D/MSPs), technology and digital platform companies in the business of connectedness.

Prodapt builds, integrates, and operates solutions enabling next-generation technologies and innovations. Prodapt works with global leaders including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Adtran, Vodafone, Liberty Global, Windstream, Virgin Media, Rogers, Deutsche Telekom among many others. Prodapt’s customers today help more than a billion people and five billion devices stay connected.

Prodapt has offices in North America, Europe, Latam, India, and Africa. It is part of the 120-year-old business conglomerate, The Jhaver Group, which employs over 22,000 people across 64+ locations globally.