Power of Digital Enablement: 4 Reasons to Switch to Digital Signage


In today’s ever-changing landscape, it comes as no surprise that everything is going digital. Technological advances have not only made our lives more convenient but also forced every industry to keep up with the times and reassess their business model.

The digital arena has brought with it endless opportunities for retailers to better connect with their consumers and remain top-of-mind. Making use of the latest marketing tools, retailers are able to attract more customers. One such advancement is digital signage, which helps grab attention and efficiently improve business results.

Digital LED signs are becoming the new normal for retail store signage, and with good reason. Not only do digital screen attract consumers, but it also gives retailers flexibility when to comes to what content it wants to display and when.

Unlike its printed counterparts, digital signs can be changed as and when a retailer sees fit, which makes it one of the most convenient options for signage. Here are the top reasons why you should make the switch from traditional to digital signs.

Signage costs

Printing signs is usually an expensive and ongoing cost, not just in the creating and printing, but also when it comes to distribution and installation. Installing digital screens in your store is a once-off investment that won’t end up in the bin once you are done with it. Messages can be updated at any time as often as you like, from any device connected to the digital signs’ network.

Save on time and resources

Every time you want to change your printed signs, you must go through a process. This can delay the release of the message, which could negatively influence its success. With digital signage, every single sign can be changed instantly and as often as you like with just a click of the mouse, saving time and resources, and in the long run, money.

Better quality

The quality of your in-store signage can make or break your business. The quality of your signs can change depending on the type of printing or material, the production process or other external factors. With digital signage, HD LED screens provide a completely modern and enhanced look that will attract customers.

This is thanks to a combination of the quality of the screen installation and the material being used. Digital signs guarantee clear messages in the best possible quality, which is something that traditional store signs simply cannot compete with.

Flexibility and functionality

Another important benefit of using digital signage is that you only need one screen to display multiple messaging. One sign can show multiple pieces of content simultaneously, including videos, text, slideshows and more. In this way, you make use of the most valuable advertising real estate in your store.

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