Poka Lambro Taps Calix to Slash Truck Rolls by 26 Percent


Calix, Inc. has announced that Poka Lambro Telecommunications reduced its truck roll rate by 26 percent in just 90 days with Calix Support Cloud (CSC) and Customer Success Services.

This significant milestone translates to massive operational efficiency improvements for the West Texas company, which serves a rural subscriber base across 4,200 square miles of service area. By leveraging advanced subscriber network insights from CSC and the Calix GigaSpire® BLAST, Poka Lambro has dramatically enhanced its remote management capabilities to proactively address subscriber issues. Calix Customer Success Services ensured those insights were actionable by educating the customer support representatives (CSRs) and enabling them to solve subscriber issues quickly, usually with a single call.

Poka Lambro began deploying the BLAST, powered by Calix EXOS®, in 2019 to give subscribers the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 experience. This fully managed solution extends the benefits of Poka Lambro’s symmetrical Gigabit service offering for subscribers.

The rural company added CSC in Q2 of this year to increase its subscriber network management visibility, enabling it to proactively address issues before they become service interruptions. In total, Poka Lambro’s CSC investment has dramatically reduced the number of trouble tickets related to subscriber Wi-Fi rather than simply escalating them or, worse, rolling a truck.

With CSC’s Call Outcome Tracking functionality, CSRs can closely monitor problematic repeat calls and analyze the best resolutions. Now, support teams are not only addressing subscriber issues proactively but also addressing potential upsell opportunities.

“We pride ourselves on personalized customer service,” said Patrick Sherill, general manager for Poka Lambro Telecommunications. “We deliver the most advanced technology to our subscribers but also make it a point to use the latest tools to provide the best care. The combination of peak performance with the GigaSpire BLAST and the incredible insights of Calix Support Cloud has given us a comprehensive network solution that meets both of those ends and delivers the absolute best experience for our subscribers. The guidance of our customer success representative has helped them handle calls with confidence, resolve issues efficiently, and even proactively seek opportunities to optimize the subscribers’ experience.”

A Calix customer since 2007, Poka Lambro provides exceptional broadband services utilizing the most advanced technology. The regional company serves subscribers in 10 counties in West Texas with an AXOS® fiber-to-the-home XGS-PON network that enables it to deliver symmetrical Gigabit service to individual subscribers.

“The insights and expertise Calix provides to our customers are critical to their ability to operate efficiently and deliver the ultimate subscriber experience,” said Martha Galley, SVP of customer experience and services. “The Customer Success Services team enables service providers to extract maximum value from the EDGE Insights platforms. For Poka Lambro, that meant arming customer service teams with the unmatched network visibility of Calix Support Cloud, and the results speak for themselves. Especially given the geographic spread of its subscriber base, cutting truck rolls by a quarter is a phenomenal achievement. We look forward to continuing to create value for Poka Lambro as it grows and offers more differentiated services.”