Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Taps Calix to Elevate Customer Experience

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Calix, Inc. has announced that Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is leveraging Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) to identify members with sub-optimal experiences who are then provided with upgrade offers to elevate their experience.

The first targeted experience campaign generated a 59-fold profit return on Pioneer’s campaign investment by leveraging CMC’s unique behavioral insights. Furthermore, Pioneer combined CMC insights with Calix Support Cloud (CSC) to increase the speed and quality of members’ support interactions.

Lastly, the Oklahoma-based cooperative is planning to further elevate its members’ experience by deploying the GigaSpire Blast powered by EXOS – the industry’s leading Wi-Fi 6 smart home system.

The first CMC-enabled campaign identified approximately 15 percent of its members who were averaging at least one hundred downstream service limit hits per day. Pioneer used these insights to craft a targeted upgrade campaign that improves member satisfaction by meeting their needs with a higher service tier, while also generating significant incremental revenue. In addition, with their deployment of CSC, which incorporates Network Self-Heal, Pioneer proactively monitors, diagnoses, and manages members’ home networks remotely to address issues before they cause a Wi-Fi problem. Finally, as Pioneer deploys the end-to-end Calix Smart Home and Business solution, they are able to address CAF testing performance requirements through the Ookla® capabilities embedded in the platform.

“Calix Cloud has delivered the critical insights that ensure we are proactively delivering the right service to and interacting with each member efficiently,” said Blake Callaham, division manager of marketing and service for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. “With the success of our cloud deployments, we are excited to continue our smart home journey by delivering Wi-Fi 6 to our members and ensuring compliance with CAF testing performance requirements ahead of the upcoming deadline. Calix has given us the tools we need to provide the best possible experience for our members today while ensuring that we can continue to meet their growing expectations in the future.”

Pioneer, which has been a Calix partner since 2004, is committed to continuously investing in the latest technologies and best practices. For instance, the innovative regional cooperative plans to increase its fiber broadband members by 94 percent by 2020 to provide the best possible experience. Pioneer also established an eight-member cross-functional “Experience Management Team” to ensure that the entire team is aligned to this mission. Going forward, Pioneer will further elevate the member experience by offering new services that will be delivered through the EXOS platform.

“Google and Amazon have proven that the company with the best insights and data wins,” said Michael Weening, EVP of field operations for Calix. “The combination of the insights generated through Calix Cloud and the ultimate Wi-Fi combined with the new services delivered through the EXOS-enabled GigaSpire ensure that Pioneer is able to lead their market by leveraging data to provide an unmatched member experience while growing their business.”