Peter-Service launches Digital Enablement products for telecoms at MWC 2018


Peter-Service, a provider of billing, charging and customer management solutions, has unveiled its new line-up of next-generation, digital enablement offerings for communication service providers and digital service providers at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

MWC visitors have a chance to see how Peter-Service’s faster and more agile, DevOps based development approach is resulting in faster Time to Market (TtM) speed and low total cost of ownership (TCO) required by Omni-convergent business support systems for the digital economy.

Facing revenue and margins stagnation, communication service providers can also benefit from the acceleration of their business model transformation through Peter-Service’s new IoT platform, which helps service providers, and operators create new monetization streams across connectivity, information and applications.

Digital BSS

Peter-Service’s next generation Digital BSS addresses the number one challenge of our industry today – how can communication service providers become digital service providers. Beyond the required evolution to a partner ecosystem-based business model that capitalizes on the potential of digital channels and end – user expectations of a consistent and persistent experience, service providers today seek transparency, flexibility, openness and a partnership mindset from their suppliers as well.

“Communication service providers have never faced a more challenging business environment. At the same time, new growth opportunities are here and could be easily captured with the proper enablers and capabilities.  We see that operators need their BSS assets to address digital experience, omnichannel interactions, efficient partnerships, analytics-based decision-making and extensive personalisation down to individual clients. All of these were focal points of Peter-Service’s development efforts and we are confident that Peter-Service can help operators unlock value faster than anyone else and with a TCO that cannot be matched in the industry, said Mikhail Dubin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peter-Service

Peter-Service’s Digital BSS is a one-stop solution for all BSS digital transformation needs for the digital era in any region. It is a full, in-house built pre-integrated Revenue and Customer Management product that is DevOps ready, with a proven scalability of handling more than 77M Subscribers on a single platform.  Built on open, catalog driven architecture principles, Peter-Service’s Digital BSS allows for full convergence on traditional and digital revenue streams, efficient partner onboarding, personalisation, rapid creation and delivering of complex offerings based on both own as well as 3rd party offerings.


The Internet of Things is the biggest opportunity in the industry today and Peter-Service’s IoT platform provides a clear path for operators to capitalize on this opportunity and rapidly evolve towards becoming Digital Service Providers. Thanks to the functionality of the platform, they can benefit from:

Revenue streams generated through implementation of new, IoT-specific monetization models and the launch of cross-industrial IoT-solutions for all segments (B2C, B2B, B2G and B2B2X).

Improve customer loyalty and reduce churn by offering a variety of intelligent IoT-solutions, based on deep machine learning and AI-based decision making that are suited to customer’s needs.

Reduce TCO through the use of an out-of-the-box, carrier-grade platform built by a company with 25 years of experience and in-depth understanding of the business and technology of telecom operators.

Peter-Service’s IoT Platform is a robust pre-integrated modular platform including Application Enablement, Connectivity Management, Big Data Analytics and the most demanded vertical solutions. According to Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products & Marketing Officer, Peter-Service, “using our IoT end to end solution, operators can access new digital market segments and new industries, while ensuring a high level of service to customers and partners. By offering next generation digital products and services, we help communication service providers become digital services providers (DSP) and offset the stagnation of the Classical CSP model”.

Network Monetization (NWM)

Peter-Service’s Network Monetization suite is an advanced, pre-integrated highly scalable offering that goes much further than real-time Policy control, rating and charging functionalities and can be used across all Tiers of operators for monetization of their network and digital assets. With a set of pre-defined configurations and unmatched flexibility to support the evolution of operator business models, NWM is a core enabler in the rapid launch and commercialization of innovative products and digital services that will be a top priority in the digital era.

“Real-time policy, rating and charging are crucial themes in BSS for a number of years. With the increasing investment in network capacity not yielding the expected return for operators, optimizing and maximizing the monetization potential of those assets is absolutely paramount for the industry. Our system is proven all the way to Tier 1 conditions, serving more than 77 million subscribers on a single platform – but we go way beyond that. What we are bringing to the market is a single, real-time monetization engine for any line of business, customer segment and payment types. This allows service providers to personalize and monetize both classical as well as digital services such as OTT, content, e-commerce and e-banking to ensure their successful transformation to a digital service provider”- commented Igor Gorkov, CEO, Peter-Service.