Perspectives18 – a Story on Converging Synergies, Strong Emergence of Ribbon

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GENBAND and Sonus have recently merged to create Ribbon Communications – annual event of merged entity threw light on things to come.

Perspectives18 – the annual mega gathering by Ribbon was a special occasion as this is the first year, it happened under the grand umbrella of Ribbon Communications and carried in detail how Ribbon is going to move ahead carrying forward DNAs of two (GENBAND and Ribbon) great organizations in the future.

Giving an insightful inaugural speech, Fritz W. Hobbs, President & CEO, Ribbon Communications – made it clear that Ribbon is now rapidly moving towards embracing fast paced global scale, innovation and growth.

“It’s a real honor for me to represent the 2300 employees of our company located in 27 countries. We closed this deal of Sonus and GENBAND in October 2017 and we have made great progress over these months – in terms of products, geographies and innovation. We think that we have increased our financial scale, global footprint, our offerings and long standing position in our combined customer base of over 1000 different companies, really makes it a much stronger competitor,” he informed the select global gathering of Perspectives18 in Los Angeles.

Merging the value coming from GENBAND’s expertise in the application server, CPaaS space and Sonus’s SBC offerings – the combined entity is now in an ideal position to power end-to-end Communications Transformation for its global list of customers.

“By combining Sonus and GENBAND, we are pretty confident – we have created a global leader in secure real-time communications – providing software, cloud and network infrastructure solutions to CSPs and enterprises. We think with our cloud applications and SBCs we can secure the networks, enabling service providers and our channel partners to develop cloud based platforms and we are on a fast track path to make that happen,” he added.

So what can we expect from Ribbon going forward?

Hobbs explained how the company is now bringing great value to its customers and what can they expect in the near future.

“Our first goal is to enable communications transformation with our products, second we are going to invest in our product line and broaden our product line. We are also going to leverage our footprint. We have global footprint today that very few companies of our size have this kind of footprint. We think that’s a huge asset for us and for people that are affiliated with us, distribute and get our products into the global network of opportunities. And then we have got great progress on our CPaaS which is Kandy. We also introduced Ribbon Protect we think that this is going to be quite a valuable asset for companies to protect their networks,” he concluded.

The author traveled to Los Angeles to attend Perspectives18 on invitation from Ribbon Communications