Perpetual Communications, Annecto Telecom Partner to Offer New Services, Expand Business in Nigeria

Annecto Telecom

Annecto Telecom, a global VoIP network operator and carrier-grade service infrastructure provider, and Perpetual Communications Limited (PCL), a telecommunications company in Nigeria, has selected Annecto Telecom as its exclusive technical and trading partner to provide voice, data, SMS and VAS aggregation services in Nigeria.

PCL currently provides a range of VAS services, including caller ID, mobile content, messaging and other services, to mobile network operators and service providers in Nigeria and Ghana. PCL is led by Ademola Seriki, a prominent business leader and politician in Nigeria.

The company is in the process of obtaining licenses to provide International Data Access for voice, data and SMS services and act as a VAS aggregator in Nigeria for VAS license holders. These new licenses will enable PCL to provide call and messaging termination services in Nigeria and establish a data interconnect network for network operators and service providers in the country.

PCL has selected Annecto Telecom to be its exclusive technical partner and provide commercial trading services to grow its business. Annecto Telecom will also provide PCL with VAS products and services, including multichannel messaging, content delivery platforms and Fintech VAS services, such as biometric authentication and identification, QR code and NFC contactless payments.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, PCL will provide these new services exclusively over Annecto Telecom’s state-of-the-art telecommunications network, enabling PCL to aggregate voice traffic from over 300 active network operators worldwide and establish direct connectivity to all the mobile operators in Nigeria. Annecto Telecom will also provide PCL with switching, routing, billing, reporting and network management for these new services.

“Despite lower volumes and margins of traditional telco services, voice, messaging, data and VAS services are alive and well and still represent attractive business opportunities,” commented VJ Odedra, Group CEO at Annecto Telecom. “We are excited to be working with PCL led by Ademola Seriki and are looking forward to playing an important role in PCL’s service and business expansion starting in Nigeria and later across Africa.”

PCL and Annecto Telecom are also planning to provide the mobile operators and service providers in Nigeria with the technology and infrastructure to offer finance-related VAS, including eWallets, full interoperability mobile money transfers, instant international remittances, micro insurance, micro loans, micro savings, mGovernment services, such as social welfare disbursement, biometric authentication and identification, QR code and NFC contactless payments and more, over Annecto Telecom’s new venture VYZYO.

“The opportunities in the telecommunications market in Nigeria are growing rapidly and hold a lot of untapped potential,” stated Ademola Seriki, Chairman at PCL. “We are confident that VJ Odedra’s vision combined with his industry expertise and C-level relationships, make the Annecto team the ideal partner for PCL to capitalize on the opportunities we are pursuing.”