PCCW Global Unveils managed SD-WAN to enterprises across 80 countries

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PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, has launched a new global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service which complements existing fiber-based IP-MPLS services, providing enterprises with a secure, application aware network that continually optimizes for performance and cost in real time, and delivering a vastly improved user experience.

As enterprises seek to extract the most value from exciting new technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics and the Internet of Things, heavy demands on branch networks often lead to increasing complexity along with cost and resource-intensive WAN management.

PCCW Global’s new SD-WAN service addresses these challenges head-on by simplifying multi-site WAN deployment and management. The service optimizes traffic in real time by constantly adapting to meet changing business needs while simultaneously balancing performance and cost.

Traffic is intelligently routed over a preferred network path from a combination of IP-MPLS, broadband and 4G LTE connections in order to meet pre-defined network and performance policies. The service is transport agnostic, so enterprises are able to make use of an existing PCCW Global MPLS network, or even connectivity provided by another service provider.

SD-WAN is easy for enterprises to deploy and integrate with their current network, resulting in minimal disruptions for end users while providing an integrated and seamless end-to-end user experience.

Moreover, customers are able to take control of their own SD-WAN network through a centralized management portal that provides advanced visibility, configuration, reporting and trouble-shooting capabilities.

Enabling cost effective access from the branch site to data center, SD-WAN complements PCCW Global’s existing Console Connect service, a global Software-Defined Interconnection® platform that provides automated, secure and predictable connectivity between the data center and business partners, major cloud service providers and business-critical applications across the globe.

The service also supplements and enhances PCCW Global’s comprehensive suite of communication services that includes Global MPLS, Global Internet Access, Global Ethernet, Global UCaaS and Managed Cybersecurity Solutions.

Over 80 countries across the US, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania will be covered during the initial launch phase of the service, which will continue to be expanded through both PCCW Global’s existing network as well as third party providers’ networks. PCCW Global’s MPLS network itself spans over 3,000 cities in 150 countries, with direct extensions available to all major cloud providers.

Jordick Wong, Senior Vice President, Product and Vendor Management, PCCW Global, said, “Globally, the need for intelligent and advanced business networks is growing substantially. Our SD-WAN service provides enterprises with an efficient and streamlined networking capability that maximizes their existing connectivity solutions and optimizes business-critical and cloud-based applications, ensuring an enhanced user experience without having to spend more on connectivity.”