OXIO Deploys Squire Technologies Sigla Platform


Telecom-as-a-Service provider OXIO has deployed Squire Technologies Sigla Platform to provide multi-generation connectivity between MNO’s and their BrandVNO™ customers. OXIO’s innovative BrandVNO™ unlocks the value of telecoms networks for enterprises by enabling them to create their very own branded mobile network in a matter of days without the traditional infrastructure costs, or complexity normally associated with becoming a mobile operator.

Delivering a full turn-key solution OXIO’s cloud based “telco-in-a-box” service is a truly ground-breaking rebuild of how traditional telecoms network’s function. Their unique blend of Telecoms, Tech and BI provides a differentiated MVNO that empowers brands to get closer than ever to their customers. Unlocking telecoms data like never before via the delivery of advanced Business Intelligence, OXIO’s BrandVNO™ customers are able to customise connectivity and services to improve engagement and drive loyalty.

“We have ambitious growth plans in Latin America and beyond. We’d heard great things about the team at Squire Technologies and the solution they provide to us not only technically, but from the high level of support and expertise, assures us that as our operation develops our network will remain robust, yet highly flexible and agile to meet the demands of our customers.”Miguel Monforte, Head of Telecom, OXIO.

Squire Technologies, a world leader in signalling solutions have deployed their unified signalling platform Sigla into OXIO’s network. Here Sigla provides flexible interop and controls policy and billing to their Online Charging System (OCS) and interconnect between MNO’s and HSS/HLR resources.

OXIO also became an early adopter of Squire Technologies managed Platform as a Service (mPaaS), where clients benefit from an enhanced level of ongoing technical support and sophisticated network monitoring focussed on driving operational and network efficiencies.

“OXIO really illustrates how we’re continuing to see diversification in the telecoms industry. As 5G and IOT provide new opportunities we’re expecting many new entrants outside the traditional telecoms industry into the market, and OXIO have in their BrandVNO™ product, a rapid route to market for enterprises to become mobile operators.”Ben Teversham, Sales Manager at Squire Technologies.

Sigla, Squire Technologies unified signalling platform is an amalgamation of their proven network technologies deployed globally in tier 1 and tier 2 carriers for over twenty years. Sigla centralises all aspects of signalling, controlling all mediation, routing and interworking, security and monitoring for all multi-generation networks.

As network evolution continues with 5G and IOT, operators are facing greater complexity. Sigla has been developed to meet the demand from operators managing signalling over multi-generation networks, providing them with a cost effective and future proof solution from where they can ensure forward and backward compatibility between legacy and next-generation architecture.

To find out more about BrandVNO™ visit www.oxio.com.

For more information about Squire Technologies, and Sigla visit Squire-Technologies.com or contact Ben and his team direct on +44 1305 757314.