OTN Systems expands team in Algeria


OTN Systems is expanding its team in Algeria. Its headquarters are located in Olen, Belgium, and the company also has offices all across the world, including in the US, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia.

With the help of its local presence in these countries, the company aims to support local partners and end-customers in the best way possible. As they are spread across more than 75 countries around the globe, we want to be wherever they are.

Since the early nineties, OTN Systems has been the benchmark for networking in the oil and gas industry in Algeria. Even the largest player in Algeria, Sonatrach, uses OTN Systems products to operate its pipeline grid.

Its first installation for Sonatrach was carried out more than 25 years ago. Virtually all of their pipelines are equipped with either OTN (Open Transport Network) or XTran. A single LNM (Large Network Monitor) system oversees the complete telecom infrastructure.

The company is expanding its OTN Systems El Djazair, a branch in Algeria. By expanding its talented team in Algeria, the company aims to improve our operations and better serve our customers in this region.

“OTN Systems El Djazair is the hub around which consolidates and develops our activities towards our customers and prospects in the regional oil and gas, transport and power utilities markets.”, says Dirk Van den Berghen, CEO of OTN Systems.

“The expansion of OTN Systems El Djazair allows us to ensure and boost the support and after sales service to our partners, including maintenance contracts and the provision of spare parts”, says Aboubekr Fergoug, Managing Director OTN Systems El Djazair.