Orca Wave Picks OneBill to Elevate Customer Experience


Orca Wave, the complete voice and messaging management solution for carriers and enterprises alike, are pleased to announce their partnership with OneBill Software Inc., a billing and revenue management platform.

Accurately rating Call Detail Records (CDR) in real-time and automatically processing that data for billing purposes is a key challenge for Telecommunications providers.

With Orca Wave’s superior capability to process and rate in real-time, large volumes of CDRs for multiple carriers, coupled with OneBill platform’s ability to accurately map these files to invoice usage charges through their intelligent UI, Telecommunications providers can have the peace of mind that they are not missing a beat on capturing earned revenue.

Furthermore, carriers and application services providers are only able to fully automate the management of supplier costs – that is fully integrated with Intelligent Routing directly to a carrier’s switching platforms, with Orca Wave’s AutoLoading and BlueWater software routing services. Therefore, Orca Wave’s platform, with its real-time carrier identification as well as direct to user toll-free ID for number/name identification, brings enormous value to the telecommunications space.

Co-Founder of Orca Wave, Jeri Wait says of the partnership, “Orca Wave has chosen OneBill as our partner to offer our enterprise and Tollfree customers a complete billing solution. This coupled with our automatic cost management and integrated Intelligent routing provides an end to end one stop shop.”

For OneBill, one key objective when they built their end-to-end billing & revenue management platform was that they could provide an easy UI driven charge definition to help map CDR files to usage charges and that these records could be drawn from a source system through API integration. “We are extremely excited by this partnership with Orca Wave, as we can see that their solution will help to ensure our mutual Telecommunications customers that they can accurately capture and charge for usage, to ultimately maximize their revenue,” says JK Chelladurai, Founder & CEO of OneBill.