Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Speeds Up Decision Making at Telecom Fiji


Telecom Fiji, one of the largest communications providers in the remote South Pacific Fiji archipelago, needed to accelerate its digital transformation to meet the increasing demand for connectivity from local residents, businesses and tourists.

To speed up decision making to enhance customer service, Telecom Fiji is leveraging AI-powered algorithms from Oracle’s cloud-based Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics to integrate and sift through increasing amounts of data from multiple sources to produce actionable insights in minutes.

In the past, the IT staff spent weeks in manually-intensive processes of aggregating and correlating the data which raised the risk of errors being introduced into the results.

Reports were also often late. The database administrators wrote SQL queries to generate raw data and then feed those results back to an analytics team for correlation in spreadsheets.

The autonomous database provisions easily and quickly in minutes to improve time to market, self-patches to eliminate downtime for maintenance, and auto scales capacity on demand for flexibility to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Telecom Fiji would have had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get equally, or less powerful equipment on-premises in its data center to power the same kind of data warehouse.

The front-end Oracle Analytics platform is used to create dashboards to visualize and detail sales and marketing performance, product performance, service usage trends, service-delivery performance, and other key indicators.

“We can ask our IT staff to come up with ideas or innovative solutions on how they can use the analytics. Then they will be performing more of an advisory role to management,” said Shalvin Narayan, Head of IT, Telecom Fiji. “It did surpass my expectations because the amount of functionality and performance it was providing, with respect to the amount of investment was marvelous.”