Optus Turning Off 2G Network, Paving Way for Network Evolution


Optus will finalise the shut down of its 2G network across Australia on 1 August, with 2G services across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and TAS to be turned off.

This is the second and final phase of the shut down following 2G services being turned off across NT and WA in April. Virgin Mobile and Optus Wholesale service providers using the 2G GSM network will also be affected.

As 2G capabilities become eclipsed by 3G and 4G network technologies, the closure will allow Optus to review options to re-allocate some of this spectrum to improve customer experience and mobile services and also investigate emerging technologies such as 5G.

Dennis Wong, Managing Director of Networks at Optus said, “Our priority throughout this process has been to ensure our 2G customers are prepared for this change and have the right level of support to allow for a smooth transition to our 3G and 4G services.”

“There is no doubt that the 2G network, which was first established in 1993, played an important role in our network, particularly when we were first establishing ourselves across Australia.

“Nearly 25 years on, and our customer levels using the 2G mobile network have significantly decreased as greater smartphone usage and advances in 4G technologies drive customer preferences for mobile data and faster speeds.This was the right time for us to close the 2G network,” Wong said.

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