Optus Stadium Enhances Fan Experience with Bluetooth Technology

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Optus has installed more than 1,200 Bluetooth beacons inside Perth’s Optus Stadium which will deliver visitors a newly enhanced Optus Stadium App.

Optus Director of Sponsorship and Retail Marketing Ben Lawless-Jennings said, “The Optus Stadium App connects via Bluetooth to deliver real-time indoor wayfinding, similar to Google Maps, to help fans find their seating, locate amenities and access the closest food and beverage outlets.

“The technology will also allow stadium management to notify fans of exclusive game-day offers on food, drinks and merchandise, plus other convenient functionality such as transport schedules.

“The Optus Stadium App is designed for fans and is an absolute must-have so they can be game day ready,” Lawless-Jennings said.

The Bluetooth technology will also provide real-time data and analytics to stadium management, ensuring they can tailor service offerings, improve amenities and notify visitors of any unplanned interruption to services.

New features of the Optus Stadium App:

Be game day ready – purchase tickets to games and events, or book behind-the-scenes tours of Optus Stadium

Find your way – wayfinding technology will direct fans to their seat section, assist them to navigate to amenities, or find food and beverage outlets

Be in the know – geotargeted alerts will notify fans of special offers or let them know of important service or event information

VenuesLive and Optus are also working together to deliver technology using the App that will enable fans to order food from their seats.

Optus Stadium CEO, Mike McKenna welcomed this latest addition to the App functionality.

“This 60,000 seat Stadium offers fans access to some world leading technological features.

“With more than 1 million visitors welcomed into the Stadium since the opening in January, this App will quickly become an integral part of the fan day experience.

“Optus Stadium has 51 retail food and beverage outlets and over 1,500 bathrooms, this App will assist directing fans to their preferred amenities so that any time away from watching the action on the playing surface is minimised.”

Early in June, Optus Stadium was rated Australia’s best venue for watching football when more than 48,000 football fans were surveyed by AFL.com.au, with Optus Stadium scoring an average of 9 out of 10 and topping the nationwide chart.

The Optus Stadium App is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play store.