Optus Pause Puts Australians in Full Control of their Mobility Needs

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Optus has introduced a game changing Australian first innovation that gives our customers the freedom to ensure they enjoy the time that matters most by opting to pause notifications and connectivity distractions they often face everyday.

Whether it’s study time, bed-time, dinner time or personal time, with Optus Pause you can temporarily pause connectivity on all, or some, Optus home and Optus mobile devices simultaneously. Optus Pause is free and exclusive to Optus customers on selected postpaid, prepaid and home plans.

Clive Dickens, Vice President of TV, Content & Product Development at Optus said, “As a technology company, we know the positive role that connectivity plays in the everyday lives of Australians, but we also understand that sometimes our love of staying connected 24/7 can create distractions for ourselves, our families, our friends, our work colleagues.”

Optus Pause empowers our customers to balance their connected time so a face to face business meeting can be social-media-update-free or family dinner time can be about the conversation not missed snaps, or sleep time can be absent ‘pings’.”

Optus Pause is available now through My Optus app and allows our home and mobile customers to easily manage their time online by deciding when they would like to ‘pause’ and take a connectivity break.

“Optus is pioneering digital and customer innovation through a ‘one click’ solution that works across mobile and home WiFi connections; across Optus connected services and all devices connected via WiFi on Optus nbn™ plans with the latest Optus supplied modems, on the same account and household,” said Dickens.

“Optus Pause customers can set a timer for how long they would like to pause their connectivity and on what device, or devices, and if they decide to re-connect earlier. It’s manageable at a press of a button so best of all, it’s quick, easy and free to use.

“We’ve listened to our customers who’ve asked us to develop a product that gave them a right to disconnect. We are delighted we can now bring you real family dinnertime or moments of peace and quiet for reflection – If that’s what you want!”