Optus Investing $7 million to Strengthen Mobile Coverage Across Gippsland

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Optus will build 12 new mobile sites across the Gippsland, with an investment of $7 million this financial year to improve 4G network coverage and customer experience across the region.

Optus’ territory General Manager for Eastern Victoria, Jayson Grool said this significant investment was part of Optus’ commitment to support improved connectivity in regional Australia complementing 13 new sites unveiled over the last year.

“Today’s announcement builds on the $7.8 million Optus has already invested into the Gippsland over the last 12 months. This sustained level of investment will ensure our customers benefit from better indoor and outdoor coverage, smoother streaming to mobile devices and greater mobile competition, value and choice.

“We want our customers to have the best possible network coverage as they go about their daily lives, whether at home, travelling to work or out and about. An important part of this investment includes building sites in areas for the first time such as Wy Yung, Forge Creek and in the North of Sale,” said Grool.

The 12 new sites will include Bairnsdale East, Inverloch West, East Warragul, Lake Tyers Beach, Johnsonville, Moe, Warragul Central, Traralgon North, Moe East, West Warragul, Sale RAAF and Longwarry.

“We understand the need for good mobile coverage in regional Australia and are continuing to invest and work hard to make this happen,” added Grool.

Optus works with the local community to identify the best location for new mobile sites which include co-locating on current infrastructure where possible.

As one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies Optus delivers its superfast 4G Plus network coverage to 96.9 percent of the Australian population.