Optus Business Unveils SDN Powered ‘Liquid Infrastructure’


Optus Business has announced Optus Liquid Infrastructure – a new generation platform that helps enterprises configure their networks in as little as five minutes, and scale network capacity up and down in a few clicks.

Optus Liquid Infrastructure enables networks to behave in an intelligent way, with enterprises able to access bandwidth dynamically as their network demand surges – bringing more agility and flexibility to their digital transformation and the way they serve their customers.

Network Infrastructure

Chris Mitchell, Optus Business Managing Director, said Optus is redefining the way network services are delivered to enterprises.

“Spikes in network usage are a leading cause of network congestion and customer dissatisfaction. Whether it is an online retailer struggling with a seasonal surge of new orders or an enterprise losing control of their networks through unforeseen digital projects, Optus Liquid Infrastructure can solve these problems by providing the required higher network capacity for a short period of time and within budget constraints,” Mitchell said.

Up until now, managing dynamic changes to networks has been very complex and time-consuming due to the numerous manual interactions required. With Liquid Infrastructure’s single online interface, a customer can design their network to flex based on commercial and performance thresholds set in the Liquid Infrastructure portal.

“Enterprises can move from a static, labour-intensive network, to a network that intelligently flows and adapts to meet the growing digital demands of their customers and employees”, Mitchell added.

“Digital transformation requires a highly agile network that can cater for unforeseen demands. Our innovative solution leverages SDN technologies and will shape a simpler and improved customer experience.”

Available today, Liquid Infrastructure offers a robust, scalable platform that delivers critical network services when and where they are needed. Embedded with network visibility and intelligence, the platform integrates Optus’ industry-leading data network infrastructure with software-defined networking technologies to provide customers with an on-demand network, greater productivity and potential cost savings.

After launch, Optus plans to expand the Liquid Infrastructure portfolio to enable multiple SDN functions on the network. This will allow us to provide customers with powerful and complimentary services within the Liquid Infrastructure framework, including integration and orchestration with edge SD-WAN solutions, network-based services, security services, cloud services, plus management and analytics capabilities.