OPPO Selects AWS to Power Enhanced Mobile Experience


OPPO, a global smart device brand has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud, to power enhanced cloud-based services for international users of OPPO’s ColorOS operating system. These services have been certified by ePrivacy, CSA STAR, and ISO (ISO/IEC 27001, 27018, 29151).

With AWS, OPPO is able to provide smartphone users with secure data storage services through which they can conveniently store photos, videos, contacts, notes, and important data in the cloud. To support this functionality, OPPO leverages AWS global infrastructure in Singapore, France, and India to accelerate the deployment of cloud-based services including Amazon Aurora (a relational database built for the cloud) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Digital Innovation

In order to strengthen OPPO’s compliance and security posture, the company leverages an array of AWS security services, including AWS CloudTrail, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), AWS Network Firewall, AWS Certificate Manager, and AWS Artifact.

David Gu, Managing Director of OPPO International Internet Business said: “OPPO remains consistently focused on delivering the best possible user experience. AWS’s industry-leading cloud capabilities allow us to rapidly deploy our cloud-based services to provide users around the world with a smoother mobile experience. With the concern for a safe and secure customer experience at the forefront, AWS’s cloud security services help us further enhance the data privacy and protection of our proprietary ColorOS operating system on OPPO devices.”

“As the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, AWS continually expands its services to support virtually any cloud workload. We are pleased to support companies like OPPO with the deepest and broadest suite of services, and industry-leading security and compliance capabilities to operate their business and serve their global customers. With AWS, OPPO can accelerate its global business deployment in a secure and effective manner, while meeting local compliance requirements in countries all around the world,” said Li Xiaomang, General Manager, Commercial Sector, AWS Greater China.

The latest ColorOS 11, which is based on Android 11, helps ensure user security through features including OPPO’s Private System, Private Safe, and Personal Information Protection. Private System allows users to create a separate system account in which apps and data run independently of the original account.

With Private Safe, users can keep their important data private by securing the data within an encrypted space behind a password, making the data unavailable to apps that have access to other media. For situations where apps require users to grant access to personal information, OPPO’s Personal Information Protection allows users to send out a blank data form to the app, and access the app without disclosing personal information.

“We are pleased to use AWS to deliver better mobile experiences to our users worldwide,” added Gu. “Going forward, OPPO will continue to build on AWS to further improve our services, ensuring all users can enjoy the benefits of technology free from security concerns.”