Operations Transformation Forum: Huawei Gathers Momentum to Drive Digital Transformation


Huawei opened the Operations Transformation Forum 2017 in Hong Kong on the theme of ‘Transforming towards Digital Business – Embrace, Act, Accelerate’.

This event will host over 600 guests from global operators, standard organizations, partners, financial sectors, academic and research institutions, as well as media and analysts. They have gathered to share their experience and achievements in realizing digital businesses, agile operations, efficiency improvement, and to explore how to accelerate digital transformation in the telecom industry.

Dr. Howard Liang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Open ROADS Community, made the opening speech.

Dr. Howard Liang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Open ROADS Community said, “Digital operations transformation ultimately is about creating additional business value while providing a better, more compelling experience to our customers. For digital operations transformation, three things are the most important: Firstly, follow the Digital Mastermind, a comprehensive set of prescriptive methods for transformation, building on the work of the Open ROADS community. Secondly, create an industry reference model, which allows best-in-class solutions to be incorporated into the to-be solution. And, last but not least, prioritize the transformation activities to ensure that real value is regularly delivered throughout the transformation.

“It does not matter which business scenario an operator chooses to start with, with the Digital Mastermind and telecom industry reference model, we are able to help the operator to plan their transformation pathway and identify the required business capabilities. With Huawei’s solutions working hand-in-hand with our partners’ solutions, we can help operators to progress their transformation step-by-step, and harvest the expected business value improvement,” continued Dr. Liang.

In his keynote speech, Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Carrier BG, Huawei, said, “Enterprise IT and connectivity services, video services, and IoT services allow operators to give full play to their network advantages and are also well combined with digital technologies. These services will boost operators’ business growth and become the most important new business opportunities in the coming 1-2 years.”

Ryan added that, “In the next three years, Huawei will continue to make investments worth one billion US dollars on digital transformation solutions. Huawei will continue to build solution-oriented business and technical capabilities, solution development processes, and digital business enabler platforms, and realize the implementation and close-loop from strategy and execution. Huawei will also build a multi-layer ecosystem that includes business and enabler platforms and infrastructure to align with industry development trends and contribute to industry growth and business success.”

Ryan said at the end of his speech that not only is a digital transformation mindset required but also a plan to execute the transformation.

During the two-day Operations Transformation Forum 2017, the guests will exchange their insights in digital operations transformation. Moreover, top global operators, including Hong Kong Telecom, NTT DoCoMo, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Telefonica, KPN, Softbank, Kuwait VIVA, and Safaricom, as well as heavyweight opinion leaders from GSMA, MIT, and Singapore DBS are expected to share their practices and experience.

In a wide range of business topics, such as agile digital transformation, video services, B2B services, home broadband services, value-oriented network construction, and digitalized ICT operations, real business scenarios will be reproduced to showcase the concepts and practices in digital transformation by Huawei and telecom operators. For example, in the digital transformation experience showcase jointly built by Huawei and Hong Kong Telecom, interactive and scenario-based experience will be available to demonstrate how Hong Kong Telecom managed to achieve extraordinary achievements in digital transformation.

Embrace, act, and accelerate. From exploring directions and architecture of digital transformation to sharing business practices, Huawei hopes to continue to work with the whole industry and help operators accelerate digital transformation and finally achieve business success.