Openwave Mobility Unveils Subscriber Data Federation Solution


Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize mobile data, has launched the industry’s first carrier-grade subscriber data federation solution at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2015.

Smart Data Federator (SDF) is a flexible interface between data silos that reads and writes data to existing systems, allowing for a consolidated view of all subscriber data. SDF uses proven technology installed in the largest deployment of a UDR in the world, with over 130 million subs and over 5 nines availability.

Operators are facing the reality that subscriber data will continue to be segmented across multiple application silos for the foreseeable future. In an ideal scenario, data would be placed in a single repository and shared with whichever applications require it.

In reality, many operators cannot currently prioritize a full consolidation of all their subscriber data and need the silos to remain in place for some time yet. SDF does not disrupt the existing silos or the systems that depend on them and does not physically unify the data.

Operators can use SDF to make the connection between the data and the repository, regardless of structure and storage type. SDF is placed centrally to other data repositories, giving operators the flexibility they need to build applications across silos. SDF also creates a secure link between the applications and the data.

This means that operators can secure and manage all their data repositories through SDF. By deploying SDF the applications that need data federation get the benefits of federation, while other applications can continue to use their data repositories directly as required.

“Openwave Mobility’s SDF is an excellent way for operators to transition from multiple silos to the ideal situation of a single, shared repository,” said Indranil Chatterjee, Vice President of Products, Sales & Marketing at Openwave Mobility. “SDF gives Tier 1 operators the agility they need today to add new services by federating data across different silos. Our product is being deployed today in a Tier 1 operator in the Americas and one in APAC to address critical use cases such as identity management and IoT use cases for connected cars.”