Open Innovations: Huawei Set to Showcase Innovations for Digital Russia


Huawei Innovation Day will take place as part of the company’s participation at Open Innovations in Moscow

Huawei, one of the world’s leading suppliers of information and communication solutions, is all set to conduct the Innovations Day entitled Innovations for Digital Russia, which will take place on October 16 as part of the business programme of the Open Innovations Forum in Moscow.

Huawei has been operating on the Russian market for over two decades, and supports the governmental initiative on the all-round use and integration into the global economic space of information technologies. This is the very aim that the events engaging international experts who share their experience pursue.

Digital Transformation

During the event, over 200 representatives of the Russian Government, the largest operators and banks will come together to discuss the prospects of developing Russia’s digital economy, the role of the government in the country’s digital transformation, and ways of creating a Smart Country.

Huawei conducts Innovations Days all over the world, with the main goal of establishing a platform at regional level for a dialogue between government representatives, scientists, operators, industries and media.

International experts will deliver speeches at the Innovations Day to present their vision of the intellectual future, the role of information & computer technologies and of the government in developing the digital economy. The event will end with a panel discussion attended by representatives of the Russian Government and the industry’s key players.

Huawei is a global supplier of information, telecommunication and infrastructural solutions, as well as smart devices. Key business areas include telecommunication networks, information technologies, smart devices and cloud services; however, Huawei also aims to make digital technologies affordable to both businesses and end users, bringing us closer to a fully connected, intelligent world.

Products, solutions and services from Huawei’s sophisticated portfolio are highly reliable and competitive. In open cooperation with the partners of the eco-system, Huawei boosts the commercial potential of its customers by expanding their capabilities.

Moreover, Huawei heavily invests in fundamental R&D in order to encourage global progress. The company employs over 180,000 people from over 170 countries worldwide. Huawei is a private company and was established in 1987. It is fully owned by its employees.

Open Innovations will be held at Skolkovo, Technopark, Moscow between 15th October and 17th October, 2018.