Open Innovations Forum Puts Spotlight on New Vectors of Knowledge

Participants of the business session “New vectors of knowledge. Educational breakthrough in the global technological setup” discussed the challenges that the digital transformation of the society and the economy poses for the education system.

The experts sought to understand the direction of the modern education, and discussed what becomes the core of education for the human being and the labour market of the 21st century.

Today’s people are capable of gaining a large share of knowledge on their own — with the help of gadgets and the Internet, the speakers believe, which is why it is crucial to create an environment that would encourage them to learn. It is digital culture and not digital literacy that must be shaped, notes Aleksander Auzan, Dean of the Economy Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

“In the changing world, we must selectively support individual people with their self-education, and encourage their willingness to learn by nurturing curiosity,” believes Jean Francois Manzoni, ex-President of IMD Business School.

The attitude must already be inculcated in the junior school. This is especially topical for Russia Junior schoolers, as according to the statistics presented at the business session, rank first in international projects.

However, the level of knowledge of mid-shoolers is around the 32nd notch, while students get closer to the 100th. Given this, a special working environment with children and the heredity of educational courses must be built in order for mature young people to be able to learn and to love to learn, utilizing all the progressive achievements available to them.