Open Innovations: Experts Discuss Cyber Security in Data Explosion Era


On the closing day of the Open Innovations Forum, a session was held on the theme “Mr. Nobody: the cybersecurity of a digital person and how to lose it”.

The session addressed questions such as – How do attackers learn about all the information on us? How can I protect my personal data online? This is only a part of the questions that the session participants were looking for answers to.

As the session moderator, Director of PwC Roman Chaplygin, noted, many still do not fully understand what the concept of “digital identity” includes, how to work with a person’s profile on the Internet.

Andrei Busagin, Head of the Department of Innovation Protection of the Brand and Intellectual Property of Group-IB, explained the types of theft of personal data:

“We see two vectors here: the first is when out of the open data that people place on their social networks, a large-scale target attack on the personality itself can occur. The second vector is when a regular Internet user or friends, acquaintances of a famous person, suffer due to the fact that in a fake account information can be used that will mislead everyone else, ”the speaker explained.

Internet user leaves a huge digital footprint, warns NBC AB CEO Johan Nordstrom. Even the most accurate and cautious person “watches” on the Internet, and the information that he shares in the digital space can be easily cracked. The network is absolutely all information – medical, tax, bills for an apartment. Even children’s toys are equipped with video surveillance cameras. According to Johan Nordstrom, the digitalization process cannot be stopped, but it is necessary to create tools that will help minimize risks.